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Collagen Beauty

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Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
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Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty
Collagen Beauty

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Active Ingredients per serving of 6 caplets


Small Collagen Peptide 1560mg
Marine Cartilage Extract, Fish Collagen Peptide & Vitamin C 28.8mg



Daily Dose

Maintenance: 3 caplets

Skin problems and aging: 6 caplets
As the body response to Collagen is on individual basis. Monitor your body changes (skin enhancement or joints flexibility) better guide you to choose the most effective dosage.

How to take

Take Collagen Beauty before bedtime as the rates of repair and renewal peak at first 2 hours of sleep. 


Collagen Beauty diminished my pores!

Chua Sze Sze, mid-twenties

Having heard about the benefits of collagen from friends, I was on the lookout for a good convenient collagen supplement when I found AFC Collagen Beauty at Watsons. That was in Nov 2008, and since then I have been taking 3 caplets every night for about four months now. I am so happy that my large pores have decreased in size, and my face feels a lot firmer and tauter! Overall, my complexion has improved so much, that I dropped by the recent Food & Beverage Fair to stock up and help pick up a pack for my friend too!

Voices from Japanese users

めっぞ 様 

Me-Tsu Zo-san
Collagen is essential for anti-aging! There are a lot of collagen supplements in the market, but I have decided to choose AFC Collagen Beauty because of its low molecular weight collagen formula with high absorption rate. Moreover, the reasonable price is one of the decisive factors that I continue to consume the product for a long time.

だいふく 様

Ever since I have started to take this product, I feel that I look younger. In addition, the price is reasonable! I want to continue to this product for long term basis.

けんちゃん 様

Ken Chan-San
My wife (60 years) has been taking this product for 3 years now. Previously, she always experienced knee pain. Recently, she is no longer complaining about the pain. Thanks to Collagen Beauty.

shinon 様

It is important to take this product on continuous basis. It helps to firm up skin and improve skin tone. To maintain my elastic skin, I will take it continuously.



Watsons H.W.B (Health.Wellness.Beauty) Awards Winner for 2 consecutive years


Watsons H.W.B (Health.Wellness.Beauty) Awards 2013 Winner


Watsons H.W.B (Health.Wellness.Beauty) Awards 2012 Winner


Watsons H.W.B (Health.Wellness.Beauty) Award 2011 Most Wanted Winner


Unity Popular Choice 2010 Winner


Guardian Health & Beauty Award 2010 Preferred Choice


Give Your Skin a New Lease of Life!

Collagen is an important protein that exists throughout the body. A massive 70% of our skin consists of collagen and it is also required as an important building block in other parts of the body, thus vital to help us remain youthful, healthy and beautiful. Sadly, recent studies has shown that the level of collagen starts to decline as early as in our twenties! Besides external skin care, it is essential to supplement our diet with a quality collagen formula to help us minimize the telltale signs of aging such as wrinkles, large pores and poor skin clarity.

<a href=AFC Collagen Beauty contains micro-collagen peptides, shark cartilage extract and vitamin C." src="image/catalog/collagen_formula.jpg" />


  • Enhances collagen production
  • Reduces visibility of wrinkles and open pores
  • Promotes skin regeneration and aids in repair of scars
  • Restores skin firmness, clarity and radiance
  • Also beneficial for maintenance of joints and cartilage

Contents: 300mg x 270 caplets 

Warning: We would like to alert all consumers that there are unauthorized sellers of AFC products via internet. The source of these products are unknown and it is possible that they are counterfeit products made in China. Lifestream Group is the sole authorized agent of AFC products in South East Asia. All our products are manufactured and imported directly from AFC facility in Japan. We do not take responsibility for products purchased through unauthorized online websites and we urge consumers to exercise caution as product safety should always be top priority.

270 tablets

Title Collagen Beauty

4.6 Rating 14 Review

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