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About Manuka South

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Lifestream Group is the proud SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of Manuka South, a 100% New Zealand brand renowned for its ability to produce the most luxurious and rarest Manuka Honey in the world.

How It All Started

Rob and Lynda Haines started the New Zealand Health Food Company in 1988 because they shared a vision of supplying hand-picked natural health products, to enrich the lives of Kiwis. Manuka South was developed by their son, Sam, who joined the business in 2013 after living overseas for a number of years.

Family is at the heart of Manuka South with all of Rob and Lynda’s children working within the business, making it a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated family business. They thrive on building business connections that are honest, positive, and valuable to everyone involved, and strive to find distributors that share the same values of developing long-lasting, enriching relationships. 


Brand Mission

“Offer a collection of premium, nature-crafted bee products and authentic New Zealand manuka honey, to improve the lives of people around the world.”

What Sets Us Apart

Manuka South is the proud producer of the Limited Reserve 32+ UMF (MGO 1835+) Manuka Honey, one of the rarest and most potent Manuka Honey ever produced in the world. The chance to cultivate honey at this UMF/MGO level only comes once in a generation when the growing conditions are perfect.

Our pride lies in the meticulous sourcing and cultivation of the finest Manuka honey, extracted from the most remote regions of New Zealand via helicopters. It is amidst this unspoiled and rugged environment that we obtain the world's most exquisite Mānuka honey, setting us apart from others in the industry.


Close bonds with Beekeepers: Harvesting the Finest

Over the span of thirty years, we have nurtured profound relationships with our family of beekeepers. These connections grant us the unique privilege of being the first to select the absolute best Mānuka honey from each harvest. This exclusive access empowers us to consistently deliver a premium source of Manuka Honey, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.


Artisanal Maturation: Preserving Nature's Goodness

Our premium Mānuka honey undergoes a meticulous maturation process post-harvest, ensuring optimal MGO/UMF levels. We take pride in individually packing our honey into sustainable jars, preserving the natural enzymes of raw honey and respecting its innate qualities.


Terroir-Driven Distinction: Unveiling Manuka South's Signature
Our selection process embraces the uniqueness of each vintage and region, showcasing its hallmark complexity, integrity, and consistency that sets Manuka South apart.


Creamed Elegance: The Texture of Manuka South

Experience the smooth and rich texture of Manuka South honey, perfected through creaming. The elegant maturity of our honey creates a welcoming silky consistency with delightful earthy and toasted notes, offering a palate-pleasing indulgence.


Masterful Craftsmanship: Tradition Meets Innovation

Our master honey craftsman employs traditional New Zealand methods of creaming and caring for our honey. The intricacy of flavor and texture is achieved through a dedication to craftsmanship, ensuring each jar of Manuka South honey is a testament to quality and tradition.

Our Promise 

Small-Batch Blending: Quality Assured
All Manuka South honey is blended in small batches, allowing for extensive quality control. The consistently low processing temperatures guarantee that our honey retains its natural health properties.

UMF Certified: Assurance in Authenticity, Origin, and Composition

UMF® stands for Unique Mānuka Factor. The most authentic, high-grade Mānuka honey from New Zealand is distinguished by a UMF® rating on its label and packaging. This rating signifies the presence of unique signature compounds that guarantee purity and quality, including key markers such as Leptosperin, DHA, and Methylglyoxal.

We are Committed to Sustainability 

Working with bees and beekeepers for over thirty years has given us a unique understanding of the importance of reducing waste, and minimizing our environmental footprint.

It's integral to the Manuka South Philosophy to care for the Earth for future generations. We work with beekeepers who are committed to sustainable farming practices in honey cultivation. The well-being of bee colonies is a priority for us, hence we are adopting a selective approach in choosing suppliers.

In addition, our commitment extends to environmentally conscious packaging. All our boxes are printed using PFEC Certified resources, promoting responsible forest management. For the jars, we are in the process of transitioning the UMF 5+ through UMF 20+ to 100% recycled PET plastic jars, which is one of the most eco-friendly food packaging materials that can be recycled. All of our glass honey jars also use recycled glass. Moreover, our Limited Reserve range features 100% FSC Certified wood, aligning with the Forest Stewardship Council's mission to encourage responsible forest management worldwide.

Chat with us!

Our customer service team is here ready to answer any queries that you might have. Our office hour is Monday- Friday 9am-6pm