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Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
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Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16
Biogenics 16

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The development of Biogenics 16

Biogenics 16 is made in Japan, using patented fermentation and extraction processes to deliver superiority, quality and efficacy.

Co-cultivation of 16 strains of high potency LAB in organic soya bean broth 
Fermentation under a fixed temperature and humidity for 1 year
Patented extraction process is used to extract only the components which will work on the body’s good bacteria
Biogenics 16 is deposited into sachets under sterile condition


Biogenics 16 is co-cultivated with these 16 bacteria strains selected from several hundred species of LAB.

+L is the abbreviation for Lactobacillus. The same name represents different strains of the same type of Lactobacillus bacteria.


Daily Dosage

Adult: 1 sachet 
Special Concerns:  2 to 5 sachets
Children (3-12 years old): 5ml per serving, 1-2 times daily
Infant (6 months-2yo):  1ml per serving, 3-5 times daily

Dilute in water, juice or other beverages. 


Serving Suggestions

Biogenics 16 is not heat-sensitive and retains its efficacy in any temperature. Add a sachet to any hot or cold beverages for added goodness, here are some suggestions:

Is Biogenics 16 similar to probiotics or fermented milk products?

According to Dr. Hiromi Shinya, yogurt and non resident probiotics are not fully effective in increasing the beneficial bacteria living in the intestines. This is because the live bacteria in yogurt and probiotics are easily destroyed when passing through our acidic stomach environment and being excreted in the stool.

Unlike fermented milk products and probiotics, Biogenics 16 is 100% resistant to heat and stomach acid. It encourages the proliferation of our body’s own friendly Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.


Can I take Biogenics 16 on a long-term basis?

Biogenics 16 is a 100% plant based formula without colouring, pesticides, preservatives and articial flavouring. It has no known side effects and is recommended to be taken daily for best health support.


Can I take Biogenics 16 when I am on other medication?

Yes. However, we advise a 2 hour gap before or after medication in order for Biogenics 16 to work optimally.


Why do I feel mild gastric discomfort after taking Biogenics 16?

This may due to the sour taste of Biogenics 16. If this happens, you can take Biogenics 16 with food or after meals rather than on an empty stomach. However, do note that taking Biogenics 16 alone will not increase your gastric acid level as gastric acid is secreted only when there is food in the stomach that needs digesting. Thus, Biogenics 16 is safe for consumption.


Why does my stool become harder / loose after taking Biogenics 16?

This rarely happens. If you experience this after drinking Biogenics 16 for the first time, it is likely due to a change in the intestinal environment which is beneficial to your health in a long term. The abnormal stool will normalise in 1 to 2 weeks. Please drink more water if the stool becomes harder and adjust the amount of Biogenics 16 if stool is loose. Observe the changes.


Why do I pass gas more often after taking Biogenics 16?

Biogenics 16 contains LAB Fermented Extract that can improve the balance of intestinal bacteria. In this balance-enhancing process, more gases may be produced and this will lead to increased farting. However, this will usually subside in 1 to 2 weeks. If you notice your stools are less smelly or gases have lessened, this implies that your intestinal environment has improved. Please adjust your Biogenics 16 dosage accordingly.



“Against the doctor’s prediction, my health is doing well. I’m very grateful, I’m able to lead an active life, thanks to these lifesavers.”  22 years ago, in my 40s, I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). My condition was so serious, I was told I would be wheelchair-bound and living with an artificial respirator within three years.  Luckily, I got to know LAB Fermented Extract and took it to improve my intestinal health and hopefully my condition too. My smelly stool didn’t smell anymore and my gut felt completely cleansed. Three years ago, my wife and I also started to consume Scallop-derived Plasmologen to improve our brain health and sleep problems. Our sleep quality improved significantly; we were able to sleep deeply.”



"My skin is clearer and no more breakouts now! My 12-year old dog, Sahara also benefitted from LAB Fermented Extract!"

I love my job as a dog grooming artist.  Besides providing grooming service at my dog salon, I also give training on pet care and management. My working schedule is quite tight, and luckily I have LAB Fermented Extract to keep myself healthy. My skin is also getting healthier and beautiful now. I used to have occasional blemish breakout on my face. After taking LAB Fermented Extract for a few weeks, I am so surprised to find that my skin is clearer and no more breakouts. My 12-year old dog, Sahara also benefitted from this supplement, his fur is shinier and healthier now. My customer also tried to feed his dog with LAB Fermented Extract. His dogs’ eyes are cleaner now and no longer have irritating eye boogers. 



“LAB Fermented Extract is my secret to slim figure, porcelain skin and good health! “

Miss Koyasu, renown Flamenco dancer has been taking LAB Fermented Extract for about 10 years. Busy preparing performing Flamenco and working to stage her very own music recital as well as opening her own Jazz club, she claims that LAB Fermented Extract is her secret to slim figure, porcelain skin and good health!

“Flamenco Dance has brought me to many good things in my life. It was during class that I first met my husband and it was also where I first got to know about LAB Fermented Extract from a classmate that mentioned how it can help us with our health. My husband and I continuously took LAB Fermented Extract for 6 months and found that our bowel movement improved significantly. My husband who had the issue of loose stool also find that his issue improved significantly. Since then, we have been diluting LAB Fermented Extract to our drinking water that we carrying around daily.

I believe that my skin is also better now as my intestinal health has improved. I also feed my cats LAB Fermented Extract and their fur is also healthier and brighter. In short, my secret to good health and beauty is by engaging in the fFamenco dace that I love, eating healthy foods that are free of pesticides and additives and taking LAB Fermented Extract!”



“LAB Fermented Extract is my ‘lifesaver’; I’ve been consuming it for 25 years now.”

“I’m in the pink of health now but it wasn’t always so. Some decades ago, I went through an extremely tough period during which I suffered a variety of disorders arising from more than 10 years of fertility treatment. The effects of hormone therapy caused blemishes and depression, which cleared up after a visit to an aesthetic salon. I was inspired and later became an independent aesthetician at the age of 35. It was during this time as an aesthetician that I met someone who introduced me to Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Fermented Extract. A week later, I was struck with severe abdominal pain due to an inflammation of the pelvic peritoneum, a common complication of hormone therapy. As antibiotics were ineffective, I soon developed dyspnea and my condition became critical. In desperation, I ordered LAB Fermented Extract and took intensive dosages. Within two days, my symptoms improved significantly, my attending physician was astonished but so convinced that he also began to consume LAB Fermented Extract for his ulcerative colitis. At 37, I was hit by two more serious illnesses. During the wait for admission to the hospital, I researched extensively on folk medicines and decided on a triple prong action to take – intensive dose of LAB Fermented Extract, vegetable soup and urine therapy. At my pre-admission examination, all signs of my illness miraculously disappeared; LAB Fermented Extract has turned my life around twice in a row. I’ve never stopped taking this lifesaver since then, it’s been 25 years now.”



“I recommended LAB Fermented Extract to my patients and I was astonished to witness the difference in the results compared with other LAB supplements. LAB Fermented Extract is fast-acting and is effective in improving the multiple symptoms of poor gastrointestinal health. “

“I specialise in Gastroenterological medicine so I see many patients suffering from intestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, etc. By observing these patients daily, I noticed that most of them also suffered from skin problems, including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, oral ulcer and inflammation inside nasal cavity. In a clinical setting, I am assured that gastrointestinal problems may affect skin health. I first tried LAB Fermented Extract as I suffered from constipation. My bowel movement improved after consuming it for 2 weeks. Even the odour of my flatulence has disappeared and the amount of stool has increased without any change in my diet. The increase of stool amount is very crucial as almost half the stool consists of gut bacteria. This proved that taking LAB Fermented Extract promotes the growth of friendly bacteria.”



“My bowel movements improved and I no longer suffer from constipation. Even my immune system has strengthened. I recommended it to my patients and was astonished to observe positive results in them.”

“I came to know about LAB Fermented Extract while researching for something to improve my intestinal health and regulate bowel movements. I’m really happy that my gastrointestinal condition improved significantly and I no longer suffer from constipation. My bowel movements improved and so did my stool quality. Not only that, my immune system has strengthened and I’m more energetic than before. Since my experience with LAB Fermented Extract was so positive, I recommended it to my patients. The results were impressive, I observed improvement in my patient’s oral health within a week – swollen gums subsided and salivary function improved. Some patients even reported that they no longer have constipation after consuming it for one month! LAB Fermented Extract is now part of my daily health regime.”



“I had a good pregnancy, even my baby is benefitting from Biogenics 16 now.”

When I found out I was pregnant with Sophie at the age of 39,I was ecstatic and took great care to keep myself and my developing foetus healthy. I started to consume Biogenics 16 to build my gastrointestinal health andimmunity because I know a mother’s health directly influences her baby’s.


Throughout my pregnancy, I did not experience constipation which is common among pregnant women; my bowel movements were smooth and regular even after a prolonged labour. I realised I was healthier too; whenever I was down with a cold or a flu, I recovered quickly within a week without any medication.


Indeed, Biogenics 16 helped make my pregnancy journey easier, all the way to the postnatal months. I was able to breastfeed Sophie despite a cough as I did not take any medication. My baby caught the bug but recovered quickly. I am totally convinced that the combination of my breast milk and Biogenics 16 had strengthened her.


When Sophie was one-month old, she was diagnosed with acid reflux and was prescribed four courses of probiotics over two months. There wasn’t much improvement and she didn’t move her bowels for six days. When she did, she seemed uncomfortable and rather fussy. With the confidence in Biogenics 16 and it being a natural supplement, I decided to give some to Sophie after verifying that it’s safe for babies. I’m happy to share that her condition improved after the first week and by the third week, her bowel movements became regular and she was back to being a happy baby. I like Biogenics 16, especially since hubby and baby can share it too!



“I’m glad to find a natural solution to relieve my Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”


I’ve been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome since last year; my abdomen was bloated and painful on most days. My stools were loose; I always had diarrhoea and needed to visit the toilet very often. So much so that my friends called me their “Toilet friend”.


I came across Biogenics 16 and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, I was able to see results after only three days. My stools were less “watery” and “normal shaped”; and my bloatedness and abdominal pain have eased too. I’ve stopped taking my usual medication and am now into my fourth box of Biogenics 16. I feel happier, healthier and more energetic after only one and a half months. It’s great I’m no longer called a “Toilet friend”. I will definitely continue to take Biogenics 16.


Chieko Fuji


“Taking LAB Fermented Extract help me feel good at 73!”

I have been taking LAB Fermented Extract for 22 years and it has helped to keep me active and in great health! I was struggling with my health during menopause period in my 40s and taking LAB Fermented Extract has helped me regain good health. When I first started to take LAB Fermented Extract, I was surprised that my stool no longer smell bad and my health was getting better.


Now, I am still actively teaching French confectionery at 73. I no longer have stomachaches during busy times at work and my frequency of visiting the hospital has also reduced. Even my daughter, son and relatives who are healthcare professionals are also taking it!


tomomi Japan testimonial


“My skin now feels soft and moist.”

I have been taking LAB Fermented Extract for approximately 4 years and have noticed significant improvement in my skin. My skin feels more supple and I no longer need to worry about occasional outbreaks. Having worked for a cosmetics manufacturer, I understand that there are limits in improving skin quality through application of cosmetics. After seeing the results of LAB Fermented Extract, I now firmly believe that looking after your health is the key to good skin!


yoshimi testimonial


“I had an easy birth and did not experience much fatigue.”

I had been taking LAB Fermented Extract for five years before I was pregnant with my son and continued taking during my pregnancy. Unlike other pregnant women, I did not experience any constipation or anemia and was able to keep working up until 2 weeks prior to labor. I had an easy birth and did not experience much fatigue.


My son, Ritsuki has also benefitted with a stronger immunity compared with his peers. I would definitely recommend LAB Fermented Extract to everyone.

The following are extracted from published clinical studies, in-house studies, and/or case studies and are for reference purposes only. This does not imply that the product from Lifestream Group Pte Ltd is claimed to replicate the same results produced in the studies. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions about a medical condition, please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Any statements or claims made have not been evaluated by the relevant regulatory bodies and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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how healthy are your intestines?


The Royal Society of Medicine, U.K. reported that almost 90% of most chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy gastrointestinal system, primarily in the colon.


colon biogenics improve your good bacteria

1. Case studies on the effects of LAB Fermented Extract on intestinal environment
by Dr Hiromi Shinya- Clinical Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Dr Hiromi Shinya is a pioneer of modern colonoscopic techniques who invented the electrosurgical polypectomy snare. He is also the author of many bestselling books in Asia. Dr Shinya has been practising for over four decades, his patients include political leaders and celebrities in Japan and the USA.

Below are 2 case studies that show improvement in the intestinal environment after consumption of LAB Fermented Extract.

intestines of people who have consumed biogenics • Improvement in intestinal environment
• Improvement in immunity
• Improvement in bowel irregularity


2. Clinical study on the effects of LAB Fermented Extract on eczema conditions
by Dr. Shigehiro Tsuchiya- Tsuchiya Hospital (Koriyama City)

Two subjects aged 7 and 9 years old, with eczema conditions were administered LAB Fermented Extract. The results were recorded over a period of 2 months.

The rashes on both subjects improved gradually. Marks were no longer visible after 2 months. Subjects did not experience relapse.


3. Case studies on the beneficial effects on skin texture
Study conducted on 60 female subjects by Tokiko Clinic, Japan

Female subjects aged between 30 and 70 were asked to consume LAB Fermented Extract for three months to observe their skin quality during that period.

As shown in the images, it is observed that the sulcus, or grooves in the skin for the various age groups have straightened. The points of intersection (where the sulcus cross over to form triangular or diamond-shape hills) have also increased. The larger the number of ‘hills’, the smoother the skin will appear.



4. Case study on the beneficial effects on pregnancy discomforts
by Dr Kayo Sato, Fukuoka Prefectural University

18 subjects were administered with LAB Fermented Extract. Results showed significant improvements in the symptoms experienced during pregnancy.


5. Case study on the beneficial effects on bowel movement
Conducted by Seikokai Health Clinic, Contract Research Organization

The beneficial effect of LAB Fermented Extracted was observed after two weeks. Results showed an increase in stool quantity and the frequency of bowel movement.


6. Clinical study on the beneficial effect on intestinal environment
by Prof. Noboru Furukawa, Laboratory of Livestock Product Utilization, Tokyo University of Agriculture


7. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on intestinal immunity

by Dr. Toru Abu, Nigata University Graduate School

The beneficial effect of LAB Fermented Extract was observed after one week. Results showed that the number of immune cells (IELs, NK1.1+T cells and IFN-ɣ)  in the intestine have increased. This suggests that LAB Fermented Extract enhances immune defense; effectively protect against autoimmune disease and various types of allergic problems.


8. Case study on the beneficial effects on the progress of renal failure

by Dr. Akira Kawashima - Associate Professor, Kidney Center, Tokyo Women’s Medical College, and The Tokyo Women’s Medical College attachment Aoyama woman natural medical laboratory.

Four patients on maintenance dialysis were administered LAB Fermented Extract once per day for one year.  After one year, the production of uremic toxins (serum indoxyl sulfate, BUN and P) in the intestinal tract decreased. These study suggested that LAB Fermented Extract is potentially useful for improving protein metabolism and controlling the maintenance-phase of renal failure.


9. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on colon carcinogenesis

by Dr. Takehiko Fujino, Rheology Research Laboratory and Institute of Health Science, Kyushu University

The results indicated that in comparison to the non-administration group, the rate of incidence of colonic adenoma and colon cancer and the number of tumours were significantly inhibited in the LAB Fermented Extract administration group.


10. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on NK cell activation and immunoregulation

by Prof. Noboru Furukawa, Laboratory of Livestock Product Utilization Department of Animal Science Tokyo University of Agriculture

Result showed that LAB Fermented Extract stimulates NK cell activity (immune cell) when there is some form of stimulus, such as tumor cells in the immune system. No excessive response occurs if the immune system is normal.


11. Case study on the beneficial effects on the risk of oral caries

by Dr. Yoshinori Ochiai – Executive Director, Ochiai Dental Clinic


LAB Fermented Extract resulted in the reduction in the risk of oral caries. This was induced by the improvement of the intestinal environment which is a consequence of the improvement of salivary function. The fact that satisfactory results were obtained in this study by improving the intestinal environment suggests that oral condition is influenced not only by oral factors, but by the intestinal environment as well.


12. Case study on the beneficial effects of LAB Fermented Extract

compiled by B and S Corporation Co. Ltd (Partner: Maternitybics Association)

88 female and 3 male subjects ingested 10ml of LAB Fermented Extract per day for 1 month and were tested pre and post-ingestion for constipation, fecal odor, flatulence odor, fatigue, shoulder muscle stiffness, arousal and skin condition.


The results indicated that by taking LAB Fermented Extract, 70% of respondents experienced an improvement in constipation, 88% improvement in fecal odor, 84% improvement in flatulence odor, 46% improvement in fatigue, 58% improvement in shoulder muscle stiffness, 67% improvement in arousal and 78% improvement in skin condition.


13. Case study on the beneficial effects on female beauty
by Dr. Shintaro Hashimoto, Daimyo-cho Skin Clinic


14. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on the propagation of Bifidobacterium in the intestine

compiled by N and S Corporation, Hachioji Research Laboratory

From this study, we can assume the significant increase in good bacteria, namely Bifidobacterium and other indigenous bacteria in the intestine of the test subjects as a result of taking LAB Fermented Extract. Further, the increase in acetic acid, has the effects of inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, we can also assume that LAB Fermented Extract tends to bring about an improvement in the internal environment of the intestines.

Unity Popular Choice and Award 2019 Winner


Tests & Clinical Reports on the Beneficial Effects of LAB Fermented Extract


Dr. Hiromi Shinya- Clinical Professor Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Reports his medical experience in books and on DVD.
Authored such books as Byoki ni naranai ikikata [Living Without Disease] and Icho wa kataru—Kenko no ketsuron
[The Digestive Tract Speaks].
• Beneficial effect in intestinal environment
- Improvement in intestinal environment of cancer patients
- Improvement in bowel disease
- Prevention of or improvement in lifestyle-related diseases





Dr. Toru Abo- Professor Niigata University Graduate School
Immune response to ‘LAB Fermentation Extract’ in intestinal tract in mice.
Published in European medical journal Immunology Letters: Immunol Let. 102:74-78 (2006)
• Active effect on intestinal immunity
- Intestinal lymphocytes: Two-fold increase
- NKT cells: Four-fold increase in large intestine





Dr. Akira Kawashima- Associate Professor, The Tokyo Women’s Medical College attachment Aoyama
woman natural medical laboratory

Effect on serum indoxyl sulfate in patients on maintenance dialysis
Paper published at 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nephrology, 15 June 2006
• Decrease in serum uremic toxins
- Decrease in serum indoxyl sulfates in patients on maintenance dialysis
- Suggests control over the progress of renal failure





Dr. Osamu Mizukami- Executive Director, Kenkou Zoushin Clinic
Monitoring changes in the quality of life (QOL) of 188 cancer patients.
Writes books reporting own clinical experience. Active as one of Japan’s leading clinicians in the field of alternative
• Improvement of cancer patient QOL
- QOL improved in all 188 patients
- Cancer progression slowed
- Metastatic and relapse rate lowered





The late Dr. Shigehiro Tsuchiya- Tsuchiya Hospital
Clinical report on ‘LAB Fermentation Extract’’
-induced improvement in atopic dermatitis in children
Former head of Cancer-free-Topia (cftopia), a specialist facility that provides a second opinion on cancer treatment
Author of “Doctor Harassment”
• Improvement of atopic dermatitis
- Decrease in IgE levels
- Improvement in atopic dermatitis




Dr. Tatsu Miyoshi- Executive Director, Ginza Namiki Clinic
Comprehensive cancer consultancy and second opinion clinic
Applied in clinical practice
• Application in cancer therapy
- Reduction in anticancer agent-induced diarrhea and other gastrointestinal adverse effects
- Improvement in cancer patient QOL





Dr. Takehiko Fujino- Professor Emeritus Institute of Health Science, Kyushu University
Antitumor testing in mice with DMH-induced carcinogenesis of the colon
Published in Greek medical journal Oncology Reports: Oncol Rep. 8:1073-1078 (2001)
• Inhibitory effect on colon carcinogenesis
- Carcinogenesis frequency: 24% reduction
- Incidence of microadenomas: Inhibited by over 60%






Dr. Osami Nada- Professor Emeritus Junior College Division, Kyushu University
Tests in aging mice
Testing for various effects performed at Rheology Research Laboratory
• Anti-ageing effect
- Activating effect on Peyer’s patches that play a central role in intestinal immunological function






Dr. Atsushi Matsunaga- Executive Director, Ohkita Medical Clinic
Clinical analysis of 450 patients with allergic disease, cancer, gastrointestinal disease
Clinical experience reported in medical journal: The Journal of Therapy. October 2005 (Nanzando)
• Beneficial effect on patient physical condition
- Over 60% of patients experience alleviation of allergic sympt oms and pollinosis
- Improvement in intestinal condition, sense of defecation, fecal odor, flatulence odor






Dr. Tomomi Himeno- Executive Director, Himeno Tomomi Clinic
Suggested that one cause of depressive symptoms relates to failure of intestinal function.
Has authored many books on the association between mind and body
Is active in the media, appearing on television and in magazines
• Application in psychosomatic medicine
- Suggested the relationship between the brain, the bowel, and nutrition
- Clinical application in psychosomatic medicine





Dr. Yoshinori Ochiai- Executive Director, Ochiai Dental Clinic
Effect of ‘LAB Fermentation Extract’’
induced change in intestinal environment on oral caries risk
Published at the 10th Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine (JACT) and
the Joint Session of the 6th Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine (JIM), 2006
• Reduced caries risk
- Improved buffer capacity of saliva
- Reduced risk of oral caries




Dr. Shoji Hirata - Executive Director, Cancer Village Sapporo Hirata Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Medical Oncology
Clinical reports in the fields of integrative cancer treatment, oral cancer, candidiasis, constipation, nervousness
• Improvement of oral candidiasis
- Improvement of oral candidiasis
- Improvement of inflammation caused by stomatitis and dentures


Microbial imbalance and loss of diversity pose a threat to health

An average person’s body contains about 30 trillion body cells and 39 trillion bacteria. The intestines have the largest number of bacteria and the greatest number of species compared to other parts of the body.

Although more than 1,000 different bacteria species have been found to be present in the human intestines, each individual is thought to harbour only around 200 of them. In other words, there is a striking variation of intestinal bacteria between different individuals as well as different locations across the world.

Intestinal microbial community has been widely recognised as an important influence on overall health as well as a predisposition to disease. It is indispensable for the development and modulation of immune system and inflammation. Besides, specific combination of bacteria in the intestines might help determine how our brain circuits are developed and wired.

Scientists believe that a core set of metabolic and molecular processes contributed by intestinal bacteria are a key to a healthy intestines and overall health. Metabolic processes include digestion, production of vitamins, hormones and essential amino acids etc; while molecular process means total collection of all the bacterial genes that promote their long-term residence in the intestines and active contribution to human metabolic function. Which bacterial species contribute to these processes is less pertinent than how well they are working together. In other words, bacteria that are typically considered “bad” can play an essential role in the body health as long as healthy microbial diversity and proper balance between good and bad bacteria are maintained.

Loss of microbial diversity and microbial imbalance have been linked to a number of health problems such as eczema, asthma, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Diet high in fat and refined sugars but low in fibre is thought to reduce bacterial diversity and alters microbial balance in the intestines. In addition, taking antibiotics, eating processed foods and conventionally-raised animal meats also tend to wipe out colonies of good bacteria in the intestines, which may have remarkable impact on weight and metabolism.

Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Fermented Extract in Biogenics 16 can be a helpful, natural approach to restore normal microbial diversity and balance as well as increase total number of body’s own bacteria in the intestines. In brief, a combination of diet rich in fibre, whole, unprocessed and fermented foods along with Biogenics 16 will help optimise intestinal microflora, strengthen immunity and maintain overall health. 

Consuming regular probiotics is not as effective as naturally growing the body’s good bacteria. Biogenics 16 is a breakthrough formula that helps your body multiply its own good bacteria and combat the bad.


More Benefits

• Cleanse intestinal waste and promote healthy gut flora

• Help conditions relating to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

• Help improve skin conditions and soothe eczema

• Support blood purification and detoxification

• Promote vitality and strong immunity

• Help reduce the production of uremic toxins in the intestines to support kidney health

• Promote oral health

*Fully backed by clinical trials


With live probiotics, it has to survive the harsh body conditions to reach the gut alive. When faced of bad bacteria in the gut, the probiotics releases a substrate to protect itself. Biogenics 16 is the substrate itself and is completely retained. It is 100% resistant to the heat and stomach acid. In addition to this substrate, Biogenics 16 also contains the friendly bacteria bodies to feed the immunity cells.

Biogenics 16 targets the root cause of many health problems - unhealthy intestines. Developed with advanced LAB probiotics technology based on 100 years of research and cultured through a 12-month fermentation period. Biogenics 16 is trusted by leading healthcare practitioners in more than 2700 clinics in Japan. It is now gaining increasing attention for its applications in various health-related disciplines.

• Protect intestinal lining, enhance barrier function of intestine and prevent invasion of foreign substances.

• Act as a nutrient for intestinal wall cells and keep them healthy

• Convert neutral bacteria into beneficial bacteria

• Promote growth of good bacteria

• Activate the enzymes in the bodies of the LAB to stimulate multiplication

• Inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria


• Repair damaged intestinal walls

• Enhance immunity and maintain a healthy intestinal environment


The amazing benefits of LAB Fermented Extract

Colonoscopy before and after taking LAB Fermented Extract

An ideal intestinal microflora is made up of a huge diversity and healthy balance with a large number of good bacteria in the intestines to make different types of substances that are important for the body. Biogenics 16 improves the intestinal microflora by proliferating the body’s own good bacteria while inhibiting the bad and converting neutral bacteria into beneficial ones. Biogenics 16 consists of bacterial secretions and body substances of 16 strains of LAB, extracted through a patented extraction process. It is distinctly different from probiotics or prebiotics.

10ml x 15 sachets

Title Biogenics 16

4.8 Rating 23 Review

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