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Blood Pressure Health

Tips on how to better take care of your blood pressure health.

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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-310000-N
Adaptwell combines two powerful adaptogens – Ashwagandha extract and Rhodiola rosea extract to aid our natural ability to cope with emotional distress and physical and mental fatigue. Just 1 veggie cap daily helps strengthen the body’s natural resistance and adaptation to stress as well as enhance w..
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Bioactive Organic Cordyceps Ultra
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-306000-N
Not all cordyceps products are made from 100% real mushrooms and hence do not contain the true, beneficial polysaccharides which they claim to provide. Some low quality cordyceps products are made from mycelium (the "roots" of the mushroom) which are grown on grains and are thus high in alpha-glucan..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-204000-N
What drives your heart and vital organs? Major organs such as your heart, kidney and liver function with the help of mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells for energy production. It is here that biological energy (ATP) is generated for functioning, cell repair and regeneration.   In..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 72-802200-S
Healthy blood vessels are clear and flexible. When it gets blocked in an artery to the heart, it can trigger a heart attack; if it is in an artery to the brain, it can result in a stroke. Keeping blood vessels clear and flexible is important for smooth circulation. VesseCLEAR EX  is developed b..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-320000-N
Cholesterol is essential to build new cells, insulate nerves and make vitamins and hormones, so our body requires a healthy amount of cholesterol for these functions. Typically, our liver produces all the cholesterol the body needs but dietary cholesterol from the foods we consume, such as meat..
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Le Ageless Cell Essentials
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-403001-N
     Placenta extract contains rich growth factors, antioxidants, antibodies, vitamins, minerals and other nourishing nutrients, they possess healing properties that help the body repair and rejuvenate aging and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality inside and out. Tr..
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Mulbiotic (capsules)
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-360000-N
  Excessive intake of sugar can negatively impact your health. Here are some examples of how it can mess your body up.    Brain – Sugar triggers your brain to release dopamine in your brain which makes you feel good and crave for sugary food to get that t..
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Mulbiotic (capsules) + FiberGG
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 72-361001-S
Mulbiotic – Tri-action Sugar Block Mulbiotic contains >11mg DNJ which helps to reduce the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates to support healthy blood glucose, balance insulin levels, support weight management, immunity and cardiovascular health. FiberGG – Helps reduce GI of foods Fi..
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Mulbiotic (sachets)
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-350000-N
Strengthen your sugar management routine: Combine Mulbiotic with Allulose, a natural sweetener with zero calories, sugar, and glycemic index         How Does Excessive Sugar  Affect Your Body?  Excessive intake of sugar can negativ..
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Mulbiotic (sachets) + FiberGG
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO734
      FiberGG combines a scientifically proven soluble fiber with a highly researched probiotic strain to help move food through the digestive tract, maintaining good digestive health and microflora balance. Taking FiberGG daily helps support everyday digestive we..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-803100-N
  To maximize the potency and efficacy of VesseCLEAR CX, the ingredients are separated into divided dosages instead of being combined into a single veggie capsule. You can definitely take all 3 veggie capsules at the same time, but it will be optimal to follow the above-mentioned sche..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 72-802031-S
Since plaque build-up and blood clots are major contributing factors of blocked arteries, poor circulation and cardiovascular diseases, maintaining healthy blood vessels clear of harmful clots is crucial in lowering these risks and sudden death.     VesseCLEAR EX & Ves..
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