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Vitamin C with Ginseng

-1% Vitamin C with Ginseng

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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Great Benefits:

✓ Energise & relieve tiredness
✓ Improve Skin Condition
✓ Boost Immunity
✓ Protect Cells from Free Radical Damage


Do you need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C from your Daily Diet

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C. The vitamin C content of food may be reduced by prolonged storage and by cooking because ascorbic acid is water-soluble and is destroyed by heat.

It is very important for us to get adequate Vitamin C for optimum health. AFC Vitamin C is your ultimate choice of Vitamin C Supplement. It is filled with Korean Ginseng Extract that provides an immunity boost and antioxidant effect, making it the most effective for people who are likely to have weakened immunity. 

 How does it works?

488mg Vitamin C
(4 x Daily Requirement)

• Enhances the Immune System
• Promotes the Synthesis of Collagen for Skin Firmness
• Antioxidant Effect for Skin Whitening
• Absorption of Iron for Radiant Skin & Prevent Anemia
• Speeds Up Wound Healing Process 


4.7mg Korean Ginseng Extract

Recent research has found that Ginseng enhances the properties of Vitamin C within the body.
• Boosts the Immunity
• Increase Energy Level
• For Healthy Glowing Skin


160IU beta-carotene

• Helps to Strengthen Immune System
• Powerful Antioxidant Protection for Healthy Vision, Skin, Teeth & Bone


0.6mg Vitamin B2
(33% of Daily Requirement)

• Boosts Energy Level
• Boosts Metabolism for Effective Weight Management 

Small Tablet, Suitable for Asian
✓Adult ✓Children ✓Senior

Direction of Use: Take 4 tablets daily.



Size 120 tablets
5 ( 5 / 5 )
AFC vitamin C comes with a lemon taste and I really love it! Most importantly, it keeps me energetic throughout the day and I’ve noticed that my immune system has improved as I no longer fall sick so easily than before.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Always had trouble finding a suitable vitamin C for me but with this AFC vitamin C i guess i had found what i am looking for the taste of it is so addicting that every time i wake up in the morning i always look for it. I have been taking it for few days now and i notice that i am less tired in a day.

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