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Bioactive Organic Silica

-12% Bioactive Organic Silica

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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It is a common assumption that calcium supplement is the answer for restoring bone density. In the USA, 43% of Americans take calcium supplements daily, of which 70% is older women. Yet, the osteoporosis is still constantly on the rise and will continue to do so.




1. The bone structure consists of more than just calcium, it is made up of collagen, calcium phosphate and bone cells (osteoclast – breaks down old bone tissues and osteoblast – synthesise new bone tissues).
2. Calcium is hard like chalk whereas collagen is bendable. These two components are essential to keep bones hard and bendable but not break; and strong enough to absorb shocks and resist fractures. Without collagen, even the hardest bones can crack, shatter or break, and running, jumping and other activities could be painful.
3. Collagen is likened to the ‘steel frame’ on which calcium and other bone minerals are attached to, to form mineralised collagen fibrils. Although collagen only makes up 30% of bones, it is believed that collagen contributes to as much as 80% of the bone’s total strength.


Osteoporosis & weak bones are due to collagen deficiency, NOT calcium!

Did you know? Collagen levels decline from age 25 onwards will lead to the onset of wrinkles, sagging skin, stiff joints, muscle pain, leaky gut and other health issues. Increasing the collagen levels in one’s body is imperative to maintain strong, healthy bones, good skin and overall wellness.

Today, we bring you a revolutionary collagen boosting compound that improves collagen levels at the root and effectively improves bone density, even among menopausal women!



Silica is a multifunctional trace element in the body, required for the production of structural materials in the body which includes skeleton, connective tissues, blood vessel wall, etc.

Silica Helps:

STIMULATE bone collagen synthesis and stabilisation, which is crucial for increasing bone mineral density, flexibility and strength:

  • Collagen provides framework for calcium attachment


ACTIVATE osteoblast (bone cells) to generate new cells for bone mineralistation.

SUPPRESS bone resorbing osteoclast (bone cells that breaks down old cells)

Silica is an essential component for bones to remain strong, dense and exible. By increasing collagen production in the body, it also helps restore and strengthen cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, muscle, teeth, blood vessel, intestines, etc, as well as promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.


Health Issues Arising from Silica Deficiency

Bone – Low bone density and flexibility; brittle and prone to breaking
Joints & muscles – Cartilage loss, stiff joints and muscle pain

Gastrointestinal - Poor digestion, abdominal discomfort, leaky gut

Dental - Brittle teeth, weakened gums, cavities
Cardiovascular - Accelerated plaque build-up on the arteries, increased
risk of cardiovascular disease

Skin - Reduced skin elasticity, premature wrinkles, thinner or sagging skin
Hair - Slow hair growth, hair loss, dull and brittle hair
Nails - Brittle nails, longitudinal ridges on the nails
Others - Slow wound healing, poor immune system and muscle tone



 Silica-Rx99 is especially beneficial to those with high risk of osteoporosis, menopausal women (prone to bone loss) and even young adults. 


Only bioactive Organic Silica CAN increase the bone density of post-menopausal women, other 40mg silicon supplements cannot achieve this!


 Extracted from natto (fermented soybean) without chemical solvents, natural vitamin K2 (MK-7) helps bone stimulate bone cells for bone formation and suppress bone breakdown.

• Builds and maintains bones
• Regulates calcium deposit – hardens bones and prevents deposit in blood vessels and kidneys
• Slows age-related bone loss
• Lowers risks of fractures and cardiovascular diseases
• Promotes good oral health

Vegan fat-soluble vitamin D3 extracted from lichen (Cladonia rangiferina).

• Promotes calcium absorption for bone mineralisation
• Supports bone health and healthy immune function
• Lowers gum inflammation; promotes oral health

MCT Oil consists of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) which are
rapidly broken down, absorbed and transported within the body to provide a
quick energy source and less likely stored as fat.
• Boosts absorption and bioavailability of Vitamins K2 and D3

Bioactive Organic Silica is Superior
to Other Silica Supplements

*Individual results may



Osteoporosis literally means porous bone, a progressive condition in which the bone rebuilding is slower than bone loss as a result of age-related deterioration. Bone density and strength decrease and the risk of bone fracture increases. Menopausal women are susceptible as they can lose up to 20% of bone density in the first 5 to 7 years after menopause due to drastic decline of estrogen levels contributing to bone loss.



Ref: K.D. Cashman,F.Ginty, In Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition (Second Edition), 2003


Supports healthy bone mineral density

Promotes bone formation (Bone. 2003 Feb;32(2):127-35)
Increases bone mineralisation (calcium incorporation into bone), particularly when calcium intake is low (Calcif Tissue Int. 1993 Sep;53(3):174-9)
Reduces bone resorption (loss of calcium from bone) (Calcif Tissue Int. 1993 Sep;53(3):174-9)


Supports bone flexibility

Stimulates type I collagen production – Collagen is vital for maintaining the integrity, elasticity and strength of body tissues. Essential for building strong bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails.
Strengthens collagen by cross-linking collagen strands - Strong cross-linked collagen strands increases bone strength and flexibility.

Silicon crosslinks collagen strands & strengthens collagen

Reduces risk of bone fractures

By initiating the bone mineralisation process and maintaining collagen cross-links in the bone, silica supports healthy bone density and elasticity to help maintain strong bones and lower the risks of fractures.


Ageing contributes to the decline of collagen which is vital for healthy joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. By helping to boost collagen production in the body, Bioactive Organic Silica helps to maintain joint and muscle health.

• Relieves joint discomforts & inflammation
• Lubricates joint tissues – protects against cartilage and joint deterioration
• Supports joint flexibility & rejuvenates muscles

 Promotes fast muscle recovery


Our body losses 1% of collagen yearly after the age of 21, resulting in reduced skin thickness and elasticity. The first signs of low collagen levels include fine lines and dull or sagging skin. Bioactive Organic Silica stimulates optimal collagen synthesis and cross-linking of collagen strands to help improve skin and combat the signs of ageing.

• Promotes smooth, firm and hydrated skin with elasticity
• Protects against UV-induced skin damage - premature skin ageing, wrinkles and rough skin


Silicon is one of the essential trace elements for hair growth, imperative for forming blood capillaries to supply nutrients and oxygen for healthy growth.

• Promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss
• Supports strong and shiny hair

Visible Increase In Hair Growth


Silica deficiency may result in soft, brittle nail and ridges (vertical lines) in finger nails. Silica feeds the nail bed with vital nutrients to support healthy nails and protect against nail infections.

• Supports healthy and strong nails
• Improve nail quality (brittleness, ridges)

Silica is present in the walls of blood vessels, helping to keep them elastic,regulate permeability, accelerate renewal and healing. The addition of Vitamin K2 in Bioactive Organic Silica helps to reduce calcium build-up in blood vessels and keeps them elastic.

• Supports healthy blood pressure
• Supports healthy inflammatory response and blood lipids – Chronic inflammation can contribute to the build-up of fatty deposits (plaques) in the inner walls of arteries

• Reduces risk of calcium build-up and stiffening of arteries

 Lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)


Silica helps strengthen the connective tissues of the brain, nerve cells and spinal cord which are vital for optimal brain function. Research showed increased silica intake improves nerves synapse function, crucial for the transmission of nerve impulses.

• Supports healthy cognitive function - improves and protects against memory loss
• Lowers the risks of dementia
• Supports healthy nervous system

Bioactive Organic Silica detoxifies body by bonding itself to toxic metals and removing them through urine and other means. Metal such as aluminium increases the risk of cognitive decline.

• Reduces aluminium levels in the brain

Research showed collagen helps in the repair of gastrointestinal lining (Gastroenterology. 1987.92(2): 400-405), since Silica is an essential component of collagen synthesis, it is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

• Supports healthy bowel movement – Relieves constipation and/or diarrhoea
• Helps manage digestive problems - abdominal pain, flatulence, nausea, etc.
• Maintains and restored healthy digestive tract

• Lowers the risks of colon-related diseases

The combined ingredients of Bioactive Organic Silica help support strong and healthy teeth.

• Promotes calcium absorption, regenerates tooth enamel to preserve healthy teeth
• Balances oral microbiome to protect against tooth decay

• Protects against bleeding gums and gum recession (wearing off of gum surrounding the tooth and exposing tooth’s root)

Aluminium in the body may disrupt the functioning of pineal gland which secretes melatonin , a hormone that regulates the body clock and sleep patterns. Sillica helps remove stored aluminium to support quality sleep.

• Supports optimal functioning of the pineal gland to promote restful sleep



As collagen is derived only from meat sources, vegetarians’ diet would be lacking in collagen which are very essential the entire body. Bioactive Organic Silica is the perfect alternative to fill the gap for your body’s collagen need.

People on a ketogenic diet have a higher risk of silica, calcium and vitamin deficiency as their diet limits intake of whole grain, cereal products and root vegetables (which contain higher amounts of silica), milk (calcium) and orange juice (vitamin D). Calcium is not only vital for bone health, but it also supports muscle and nerve communication.

• Replenishes silica and vitamin D which are commonly deficient in keto diet
• Promotes calcium absorption into bloodstream
• Stimulates bone formation and increases bone density


More Success Stories of Happy Customers

Read Other Success Stories on the Testimonial tab!

Contents: 30 veggie softgels

Size 30 Veggie Softgels
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Bioactive Organic Silica is a good collagen alternative which provides similar benefits for our skin, hair, nails and joints. It is an excellent supplement for me and I love the fact that it comes in gelatin capsules, which makes it easier to swallow.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Bioactive Organic Silica has been one of my must-have supplements on my list. Since started taking 4 months ago, i notice my hair has grown a lot and my nails are much stronger. To top it off, my family members and friends have commented that I look more youthful and skin is smoother than before. Will definitely come back to buy again.
4 ( 4 / 5 )
I can see the differences in just 3 months! I used to have problems walking but after taking Bioactive Organic Silica, I can even exercise now on a regular basis. I can feel that my bones are stronger and even my skin is smoother than before.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
In the past, I have taken calcium supplement, but doesn’t show any good improvement. Ever since I tried Silica, it has help me tremendously especially in my oral health- I used to have mouth ulcers very often, but since taking Silica ulcers doesn’t return anymore for the past 4 months, and also has improved my hair thickness.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I use to take a lot of silica from other brands and chance upon LABO Organic Silica from Facebook. This is a good collagen alternative - collagen is animal derived and silica is from plants, but they have similar benefits for your skin, hair, nails and joints. The softgel is small and so easy to swallow! It is an excellent supplement for anyone to take, but especially if you are older and have joint problems, hair thinning, brittle nails.

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