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ABM Immuno Advance

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ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
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ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
ABM Immuno Advance
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Each serving of two capsules contains:

Agaricus Blazei Murill(ABM)
(Polysaccharides (β-Glucans) > 28.5%)
Greenhouse Cordyceps COMPLETE
(Adenosine, Cordycepin, Cordycepic Acid and Polysaccharides)
Proprietary Bioactive Polysaccharides Extract at 250:1 Concentration
(Lingzhi, Yunzhi, Maitake, Shiitake, Agaricus blazei Murill and Cordyceps COMPLETE)
Equivalent to 25,000 mg of raw mushrooms
Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated)
(Polyphenols >98%, Catechins >70%)
Equivalent to 1200mg of raw green tea

No fillers, stimulants, additives, colourings or preservatives.


Recommended Dosage

General Well-Being: Take 2 capsules daily                  Children (6 to 12 years): Take 1 capsule daily

Therapeutic Dose: Take 6 - 9 daily                                Post Illness: Take 3 - 4 capsules daily

As all the ingredients listed are completely natural, this regime can and should be continued on an ongoing basis to keep your health in tip-top condition.





You are a reflection of how hard your immune functions, if you are sick often, it is a tell tale sign that your immune system is weakening and in need of a wake-up call! Because our immunity cannot be seen, it is often neglected. Weaken state of immunity can leave us vulnerable to chronic diseases and infectious illnesses. With a strong, healthy immune system, not only are we resistant to the regular onslaught of colds, flu, allergies and other 'bugs,' but life becomes more enjoyable. We have greater reserves of energy, we sleep better at night, our hair and skin looks more healthy and resilient, and we are more content and happier.

Prevention is better than cure, “Let Food be the Medicine” and restore your health through the natural, healing power of Mushrooms.

No ordinary mushrooms  
Lifestream Greenhouse Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM) Immuno Advance

ABM Immuno Advance is a high potency and comprehensive formula for immunity protection, increased vitality and good health. It contains best grade ABM mushrooms concentrated 10 times, enhanced with a 250 times concentrated ESSENCE of 6 of the most well-studied species of health supportive mushroomsLingzhi, Yunzhi,  Maitake, Shiitake, ABM and Cordyceps.

Nourish and Support the Immune System for Optimum Health

  1. Promotes strong immunity system
  2. Supports healthy blood sugar level
  3. Promotes youthfulness and radiant complexion
  4. Recommended for post illness recovery   
  5. Suitable for all ages and health conditions

Highest level of Beta-Glucans – The Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM)

  1. A myriad of polysaccharides, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients works hand-in-hand to maintain high vigilance of the immunity to ward off harmful antigens.
  2. Dehydrated and concentrated 10 times at low temperature to preserve heat sensitive components, resulting in the highest quality of ABM available.

Mushroom fit for the King – Cordyceps COMPLETE

  1. Cordyceps is revered by traditional Chinese Physicians as one of the most valued herbs, as the spectrum of therapeutic uses for Cordyceps is endless.
  2. Backed by modern science and research, Cordyceps is beneficial for strengthening respiratory, immune, kidney, liver and cardiovascular health.

Strength in Numbers – ESSENCE of Lingzhi. Yunzhi. Maitake. Shiitake.  ABM . Cordyceps

  1. Derived from orthomolecular blend of 6 Nutraceutical mushroom: Lingzhi . Yunzhi . Maitake . Shiitake .  ABM . Cordyceps to further boost the Beta-Glucan level to make this a high potency and full spectrum immunity protection formula.
  2. Contains 250 times concentration mushroom extract made by closely guarded, patent-pending USA extraction technology that provides over 200 different types of polysaccharides.

All mushrooms in ABM Immuno Advance are USA cultivated and certified USDA organic for greatest safety, highest purity and maximum potency assurance. Only premium fungi strains that have been clinically proven effective are used for cultivation.

What makes ABM Immuno Advance uniquely effective?

Different nutraceuticals mushrooms contain different types of Beta-Glucans. Different forms of Beta-Glucans stimulate our immunity differently. Using multiple mushrooms in a single formula cover as many bases as possible in and allows the immune system to be activated quickly.
Using a novel cell rupturing technology, all ABM Immuno Advance ingredients are enzymatically reduce to tiny molecules that are easily absorbed and greatly enhance their assimilation into our body system. ABM Immuno Advance is high in bioactive polysaccharides, including α-D-glucan、β-D-glucan、β-(1-6)-D-glucan-protein complex, and xyloglucan-protein complex as well as trace elements not found in our normal diets. Due to the 250 times concentration process, the bioactive ingredients are found in much higher levels in ABM Immuno Advance than the content naturally occurring in mushrooms.

Contents: 550mg x 60 vegecaps

1. Healing Mushrooms: Effective Treatments for Today’s Illnesses. George Halpern, MD, PhD.
2. Medicinal Mushrooms – Ancient Remedies for Modern Ailments. George Halpern, MD, PhD.
3. Cordyceps Tonic Food of Ancient China. Kenneth Jones, PhD
4. The Green Tea Book. Lester A. Mitscher, PhD.

veggie caps
60 veggie caps

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