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Ultimate DHA70

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Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
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Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70
Ultimate DHA70

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Active Ingredients per 2 softgels:

DHA: 420mg, EPA: 6mg. Refine Fish Oil (Purified from fatty parts of tuna eye socket) (DHA >70% & EPA > 1%), Vitamin E 3.6mg


The Richest Source of DHA - Fatty Part of Tuna Eye Socket


Extracted from the fatty part of premium deep-sea tuna eye socket, Ultimate DHA70 uses the purest source of DHA oil for high DHA 70% content. Tuna eye from the deep sea has highest DHA and lowest EPA for optimal brain health.

Regular fish oils are extracted from fish body which contains higher EPA, but lower DHA. Sardines, mackerels, anchovies and other regular fishes are used to extract DHA. These sources of fish oil have lower DHA and high EPA that do not penetrate brain tissues efficiently.

Ultimate DHA70 has the most concentrated DHA 70% and low EPA, extracted using proprietary refining process in Japan. The eye socket from tuna fish in its freshest and purest form is used.  With the solid fats and impurities removed, the fish oils undergo distillation process through proprietary enzymatic technology to obtain the highest purified DHA 70% fish oil. The higher the purity of DHA, the better the delivery of DHA into brain tissues to support brain function among infants, children, adults, elderly and mothers.



Daily Dose

Adults: 2-4 softgels
Children: 1-2 softgels
Infants: 1 softgel (squeeze oil into milk or food)
Pregnant and Lactating Mothers: 2 softgels


How is Ultimate DHA70 different from other DHA fish oils?

Unlike regular fish oil supplements extracted from the fish body, Ultimate DHA70 is extracted from fatty part of tuna fish eye socket containing the highest DHA concentration. It undergoes a proprietary extraction process at the perfect DHA:EPA ratio 70:1 to ensure that it is directly delivered to the brain.



Is Ultimate DHA70 safe for long term consumption?

Manufactured in GMP-certified facility, Ultimate DHA70 undergoes rigorous testing to eliminate heavy metals, PCB, DDT, BHC, toxic elements to meet stringent quality control and safety assurance. Proprietary refining and purification processes ensure Ultimate DHA70 contains natural DHA-rich fish oil of highest purity and concentration for optimal brain health. Free from preservatives, colourings and additives, it is safe and recommended for long term consumption by all ages with no side effects.



Why does my child require DHA supplementation?

DHA is essential for brain development and visual acuity in children. Research shows that DHA formation in the human body is limited and insufficient for daily needs. Despite DHA being included in many milk formula brands, the content is insufficient to meet the recommended amount by World Health Organization (WHO).



What is the difference between DHA and EPA?

Both DHA and EPA are omega-3 fatty acids with important health functions. EPA supports hormonal production and blood circulation, while DHA is concentrated in brain and retina tissues for nerve, vision and brain health. Only DHA is able to penetrate the tight junctions of the Blood-Brain Barrier.



Can I take Ultimate DHA70 if I am allergic to seafood?

Allergies are often due to certain proteins found in the edible muscle or meat of the fish. Refined fish oil contains very low protein content due to the extraction and purification process. Ultimate DHA70 is purer and cleaner as it is extracted from the patty part of tuna eye socket, hence the risk of allergies is very low.



Do I need to take EPA supplement if I am taking Ultimate DHA70?

Both DHA and EPA are important biologically for human health. DHA is critical from brain and eye health, as well as its structural role as component of cell membranes. On the other hand, EPA helps reduce inflammation and support cardiovascular and circulatory health. You can add high EPA supplement to support cardiovascular health.



He is more focused during classes!


"My son’s teachers used to complain about his lack of attention. After taking Ultimate DHA70, he is more focused during classes and learns new things faster. His memory has definitely improved as he has done well in his spelling tests.”
– Ms Ng, mother to Clarence, 6




I did well in my exams and received the Edusave Scholarship Award!




I had difficulty coping with schoolwork which became tougher in upper Primary level. I also lost marks in careless mistakes easily. AFC Ultimate DHA70 has helped improve my memory and ability to focus. My grades improved substantially and I find myself enjoying studies. I received the Edusave Scholarship Award and I am looking forward to getting excellent results in my PSLE!
– Jernis Sim, 12 years old





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DHA augments Children's IQ at 4 Years of Age

This study indicates that maternal supplementation with DHA during pregnancy and lactation improves the intelligence of children at 4 years of age.



Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children test (K-ABC) is a measure of intelligence and achievement designed for children. A research conducted in Norway studies the link between maternal DHA supplementation and the intelligence score of children at 4 years old.

Based on 4 measurement scales: Mental Processing (MTP), Sequential Processing (SEP), Simultaneous Processing (SIP) and Nonverbal Abilities (NVA), results show that children whose mothers received DHA supplementation have higher mental processing and intelligence scores.

Helland et al. Maternal supplementation with very-long chain n-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and lactation augments children's IQ at 4 years of age. Pediatrics. 2003; 111: e39-e41.



Is there a difference between Triglyceride and Ethyl Ester Fish Oil?


Fish oils come in two primary forms - ethyl ester and triglyceride. Comparison of the two different forms of DHA:

  1. Bioavailablity - Bioavailability of triglyceride form DHA was far superior (124%) compared to inferior ethyl ester form (73%). This represents a multiple of 1.7 times while comparing the two different forms of DHA. One must consume more of the ethyl ester form of DHA to attain the same effects as triglyceride form.
  2. Value - More DHA is available with lower cost by comparing the bioavailability of DHA.
  3. Stability & Safety -  DHA is ethyl ester form is much less stable than those in natural triglyceride form. Ethyl ester DHA is more readily produced harmful oxidative products, and it decays 33% more rapidly.

Larry J. Alexander. Is there a difference between re-esterified triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oil? Therapeutics and Ocular Health. January/February.2011:20-21.

DHA intake is associated with decreased dementia risk


A study conducted by University of California and Columbia University examined the association between plasma DHA and dietary DHA and fish intake with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in older adults aged 67-100 years. In this study, higher levels of DHA were associated with a significantly reduced risks of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Lopez L.B., Silverstei D.K. & Barrett-Connor E. High dietary and plasma levels of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid are associated with decreased dementia risk: the Racho Bearnardo Study. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. 2011: 25-31.


DHA for all ages

Pregnant / Lactating Mothers
DHA is preferentially transferred across the placenta to the fetus to support brain and eye development. Maternal DHA level is closely linked to visual acuity, cognitive and motor development of infants. Pregnant and lactating mothers should ensure sufficient DHA intake as they are the primary sources of DHA to supply fetal needs, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy. Mothers with high DHA intake produces breast milk with high DHA content. It is recommended for mothers to have at least 300mg of DHA daily, and clinical research with 1000mg of DHA did not show any adverse effects.



Infants & Children
From ages of 2-12, the brain continues to grow to its full size. During the first 2 years of childhood, DHA accumulation is the greatest to support 'brain growth spurt' - a period of rapid brain growth. DHA supports healthy hyperactivity score, intelligence quotient, promotes overall mother, cognitive sensory, brain and eye development. High DHA level also helps reduce allergic conditions among infants. DHA Oxford Learning and Behavior (DOLAB) study by University of Oxford has shown that daily supplements of DHA improved the reading and behaviour of underperforming children. Children were given a fixed dose of 600mg/day of DHA for 16 weeks. Supplementation with DHA showed to improve the reading of underperforming  children significantly. A research was conducted to investigate the effect of DHA supplementation on functional cortical activity in healthy boys aged 8-10 years. Dietary DHA of 400-12000mg daily improves corticol activity, and concentration.


DHA levels in adults tend to decline due to dietary changes. Low DHA levels are often associated with high stress levels and forgetfulness. DHA supplementation helps improve memory and balance the mood by reducing anxiety, fatigue, depression and confusion. For health maintenance, the recommended daily DHA intake is 500mg and up to 2000mg for therapeutic benefits. From clinical perspective, Japanese consume more fishes, with more than 200mg of DHA daily. Research by Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Yokkaichi University and Sagami Chemical Research Center showed that high DHA helps prevent aggression at times of mental stress.


Dementia is a degenerative brain disease commonly found among the elderly that leads to declining intellectual functioning. Alzheimer's disease is a common form of dementia. DHA may help lower the risk of dementia by slowing the rate of cognitive decline. It also helps lower the risk of coronary artery disease and increases cell fluidity for healthy blood pressure.




McNamara et al. Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation increases prefrontal cortex activation during sustained attention in healthy boys: a placebo-controlled, dose-ranging, functional magnetic resonance imaging study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.2010, 91:1060-1067.

Hamazaki et al. The effect of Docosahexaenoic Acid on aggression in young adults. J.Clin. Invest. 1996,97:1129-1134.



Choose the best quality DHA supplement

  Ultimate DHA70 Regular DHA Oil
Form of DHA & Absorption Rate Natural Triglyceride Form. Bio-identical to DHA in human body, 90% absorption rate. Triglyceride or Synthetic Ethyl Ester Form or mixture. Ethyl Ester Form has merely 20% absorption rate.
Type of Fish Deep Sea Tuna Regular Fishes (sardines, saba, mackerel, anchovies)
Extraction Source Fatty part of tuna eye socket. The rishest and purest source of DHA. Fish bodies and fishes with lower DHA concentration
DHA:EPA ratio Gold Standard DHA:EPA 70:1. High DHA, and low EPA concentration to penetrate blood-brain barrier for otimal brain health. Lower DHA: EPA ratio. Absorption of DHA by brain tissues is compromised by the presence of high EPA.
Safety Assurance Rigorous testings to ensure no pollutants, PCB, and safe peroxide value for toxicity. Strictly no preservatives, colourants and stabilizers. Unknown.



Unity Popular Choice Award Winner for 4 consecutive years




Parent's World Best of the Best 2015 Winner


Guardian Health & Beauty Award 2013 Preferred Choice



Revolutionary Breakthrough - DHA supplement unlike any others


Ultimate DHA70 – 7 Reasons why it is Your SMART Choice


  1. Highest Efficacy High DHA and low EPA enables DHA to penetrate Blood-Brain Barrier 
  2. Highest Potency Gold Standard DHA:EPA ratio of 70:1
  3. Highest Purity Proprietary purification & extraction technology from Japan
  4. Highest Safety Proprietary refining & distillation process to ensure it is free from harmful metals, PCB, DDT, other pollutants as well as flavouring, colouring & preservatives
  5. All Natural Triglyceride form for easy digestion & delivery to tissues of the brain & eyes
  6. Highest Quality Extracted from the fatty part of Deep Sea Tuna eye socket that contains the highest DHA
  7. Scientifically Researched & Developed Collaborative research by Nihon Medical Laboratory with Medical Department of Shimane University and Jinjukai Kato Hospital


Benefits of Ultimate DHA70:

  • Supports brain development of fetuses, babies and children
  • For memory, learning, attention and concentration
  • Delays age-related cognitive degeneration
  • Relieves anxiety, hyperactivity and attention-deficit
  • Supports eye function
  • Promotes heart health

AFC Ultimate DHA70 is voted by parents as ‘Best of the Best Babies & Kids Products’ year 2013 and 2014.
It is also featured in leading pregnancy and baby magazines: Mother&Baby and LiveWell Baby.


What is DHA?
Docoxahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a type of omega-3 fatty acid and is most abundant in the brain and retina. EPA is also a type of omega-3 fatty acid. Fish oil or omega-3 oil contains both DHA and EPA but the ratios are variable. DHA is an important 'health food' that is used as a nutritional supplement to enrich some foods as DHA from food sources is often insufficient. On the other hand, EPA does not cross brain barrier to support brain functions.

DHA - An Important Brain Food
60% of our brain tissues are made of fats and DHA occupies 10% of them. Required by our body to manufacture healthy brain cells, DHA is essential for healthy brain and cognitive development - memory, learning and visual acuity in children and adults. Unfortunately, our body does not produce adequate DHA to support the daily optimal functioning of our brain, hence it is important to include DHA from diet or supplements.

Research shows that DHA has beneficial effects on brain functions, especially cognitive abilities and memory. In fact, there are two windows of time in which the brain is especially sensitive to nutrition – growing children and elderly people. A deficiency in DHA is associated with poor memory and Attention Deficit Disorder in children, while in adults, it is related to cognitive decline, psychiatric disorders such as depression and Alzheimer's disease.

"Toddlers whose mothers had higher DHA at birth were observed to have better attention spans during free-play than mothers with lower DHA status.” Developmental Neuropsychology (2009), Department of Psychology, Loyola University, Chicago


DHA Brain-Building Effects

Birth to Age 1 Most rapid brain growth with brain tripling in size
Age 2 Brain is 80% the size of an adult's brain
Age 5 Brain grows to 90% the size of an adult's brain
Age 10-12 Brain develops to its full size
Age 40 & above Brain volume decreases about 5% per decade
Age 70 & above Accelerating rate of decline in brain volume


Ultimate DHA70 & Brain Benefits for Infants, Children & Elderly

Pregnant & Lactating Mother

  • DHA is transferred across placenta to fetuses for brain and eye development
  • Infants receive DHA from breast milk
  • Higher maternal DHA is associated with higher intelligence score, better behavioral and eye developments


  • Vital for brain and eye development in fetuses, babies and growing children
  • Supports healthy birth weight and gestational period


  • Promotes memory, learning ability and concentration
  • Relieves anxiety, hyperactivity & attention deficit problems


  • Helps delay age-related cognitive and neurological decline
  • Better eye and heart health


Ultimate DHA70 is superior in many ways: 

  1. High Potency, Bioavailability & Purity
    Highly concentrated DHA 70%, with very low EPA 1% provides high penetration of DHA into brain tissues. Natural DHA in triglyceride form is formulated for high bioavailability and effectiveness.
  2. Gold Standard DHA:EPA
    Extracted at the perfect DHA:EPA ratio at 70:1, AFC Ultimate DHA70 is a 100% premium grade fish oil derived from fatty part of precious tuna eye socket. Fish oil with high EPA and low DHA was found to interfere with early growth. Research has shown that using fish oil with EPA/DHA ratio of 1:10 did not compromise weight gain and resulted in higher mental development scores.
  3. Proprietary Purification Process
    Step 1: Only tuna eye sockets are selected to extract premium DHA70% fish oil.
    Step 2: Purification process takes place in GMP-certified production plant.
    Step 3: Solid fats and impurities are removed through repeated heating and boiling processes.
    Step 4: Distilled fish oil undergoes further processing using proprietary enzymatic technology. 
  4. Highly Researched Formula
    Scientifically researched by Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory in collaboration with Shimane University, Jinjukai Kato Hospital.
  5. Safety Assurance
    Stringent filtration and sterilization processes ensure AFC Ultimate DHA70 is free from heavy metals, contaminants and microbes. No preservatives, colourants and stabilizers are used in AFC Ultimate DHA70.


EPA does not penetrate blood-brain barrier like DHA. High DHA, low EPA fish oil allows maximum of DHA penetration to exert optimal brain health and cognitive support.



"Clinical studies have concluded the positive benefits of DHA on the brain and cognitive functions. However, the right DHA potency level is crucial to penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier effectively to exert these positive effect. A DHA:EPA ratio of 70:1 triglyceride form has been found to provide optimal absorption and efficacy." 

Dr Kenichi Shiokawa, Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory, Japan

Contents: 455mg X 60 softgels









60 softgels

Title Ultimate DHA70

5 Rating 10 Review

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