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Sleep DR 5 sachets

Sleep DR 5 sachets

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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Sleeplessness can be caused by psychological and physical factors, such as stress, anxiety, depression, caffeine and medical conditions such as poor liver health, heart disease and chronic pain. Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. Persistent sleep problems can affect a person’s mood, alertness, job performance and health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity and poor cognitive functions. Addressing sleep deprivation is pertinent to achieving quality lifestyle and good health.


Did you know?

Sleep is more important for our brain than you may realise. Sleep allows the brain to filter through memories and thus, helping us to remember some things and forget other things that are not so important. Research reveals that during sleep the connections between brain cells, which hold information learned during the waking hours undergo a widespread shrinkage. This process makes room for learning new memories while dropping unimportant ones. Sleep is also required to eliminate harmful toxins from our brain, a process that may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

More information:

Sleep Well with LABO Sleep DR

Sleep DR is an all-natural sleep aid formulated with 3 well-researched natural food ingredients - Natural GABA, DR Sleep Factors in functional doses for deep restorative sleep and health supporting benefits.

Uncompromised Sleep & Better Health


Why Choose Sleep DR Over Conventional Remedies?


It is an amino acid that exists naturally in fermented foods such as Kimchi. Research found that average GABA levels in brain were nearly 30% lower in primary insomniacs compared to those with healthy sleep.
GABA deficiency may contribute to stress and anxiety and more likely to cause awakening after falling asleep [Sleep 31(11): 1499-1506 (2008)].

• A natural relaxant
• Helps fall asleep faster and easily
• Improves sleep satisfaction

GABA supplement can be either in synthetic or natural form. Though the majority is synthetic, however natural GABA is superior with more benefits:



L -theanine is an amino acid found exclusively in tea leaves.

• Reduces anxiety and promote relaxation
• Promotes deep sleep and reduce intermittent awakening
• Counteracts caffeine-induced sleep disturbances
• Increases GABA levels in brain after 30 minutes

[Chem Pharm Bull 19: 1257-1261 (1971)]



An amino acid found in high-protein foods such as meat, fish, dairy products legumes and bone broth. In human, glycine is insufficiently synthesized and supplementation is critical to maintain optimal health.Lower levels of glycine have been associated with depression, diabetes and inflammation.

• Improves sleep quality
• Reduces day-time fatigue due to sleep deprivation
• Reduces overactive liver functions at night that interrupt sleep
• Supports liver, heart and kidney health to promote restful sleep


Scientifically Proven Benefits of Sleep DR


1. Reduce time to fall asleep

100mg of natural GABA was orally administered to poor sleepers 30 minutes before bedtime. The time taken to fall asleep was observed to be reduced by 5.3 minutes.


2. Promote deep and quality sleep

a. 200mg of L-theanine was orally administered to subjects 1 hour before bedtime. Results showed subjects had fewer dream recalls, reduced intermittent waking and felt more refreshed upon waking.


b. 3g of Glycine was orally administered to poor sleepers 1 hour before bedtime. Better sleep efficiency
was observed (sleep efficiency = sleep time/total time in bed).


3. Improve daytime performance

3g of Glycine was administered orally to poor sleepers 30 minutes before bedtime. Reduced daytime sleepiness and improved cognitive function were observed. 


4. Relieve stress, anxiety and promote relaxation

Stress and anxiety may cause sleep problems or worsen existing poor sleep conditions. High anxiety and low anxiety subjects were given water (control) or 200mg L-theanine and their brain waves were measured for 60 minutes. Result showed that L-theanine is effective in improving relaxation.


5. Counteract caffeine-induced sleep disturbances

Caffeine has been shown to produce diverse sleep disturbances, such as increased wakefulness during sleep and decreased amount of deep sleep. A study was conducted to observe the effects of L-theanine

with the consumption of caffeine. L-theanine is observed to inhibit excitatory effects of caffeine.


6. Support liver, heart and kidney health

Poor sleep quality is also common among people with fatty liver disease, heart failure and poor kidney functions. Glycine is observed to be effective in improving health functioning of these organs.

Content: 3.5g x 5 sachets 

Size 5 sachets
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