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Shark Liver Oil 1000

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Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
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Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000
Shark Liver Oil 1000

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Active ingredients in 2 softgels:

Shark Liver Oil (Squalene and 45% Alkylgycerol) 1000mg

Daily Dose

2 softgels daily


AFC Shark Liver Oil - Health & Beauty Gift of Nature from the Deep Sea

  • Enhances and strengthens immunity for protection against illnesses 
  • Protects skin against UV radiation
  • Supplys more oxygen to body cells
  • Increases energy level
  • Provides antioxidant support to prevent free radical damage
  • Promotes overall wellness and prevents premature aging


Every day, we are exposed to millions of germs and bacteria waiting to invade our health. Without a strong immune system, you will easily fall prey to diseases, cold and flu. Additionally, exposure to sunlight and UV rays can account for up to 90% of premature aging symptoms.

Years of research and clinical studies found the reason lies in the shark’s liver, which contain rich nutrients, in particular Alkylglycerols (AKG) and Squalene. These nutrients aid the shark’s resistance to diseases and tumor growth, and enable an average lifespan of 70 years. These impressive properties are just two of the reasons why shark liver oil is highly prized for its immune-strengthening qualities.

AFC Shark Liver Oil is a potent immunity formula combining premium quality deep-sea shark liver oil and sea buckthorn seed oil, highly revered for its immunity protection and antioxidant properties. The quality of shark liver oil product is highly dependent on the concentration of Alkylglycerol, a key quality marker, and highly beneficial for improving immunity function. Extracted from the deep-sea sharks that live in unpolluted waters, AFC Shark Liver Oil utilizes proprietary advanced technology to produce high concentration of 45% Alkylglycerol and Squalene. This formula is ideal for immunity and radiation protection, and promoting healing for healthier skin.


The wonders of deep-sea sharks
Deep-sea sharks dwell in the depth of 700-1000m underwater. The liver of deep-sea sharks weighs about 25% of total body weight, and 90% of the liver weight computes by liver oil. These sharks have strong life force and miraculous ability to survive harsh living environment.


Do You Know?
A 25-year research conducted by Smithsonian Institution showed that only ONE out of 25,000 deep-sea sharks developed malignant tumour, despite living 1000 meters below sea level in harsh living conditions - immense pressure, lack of sunlight, oxygen, low temperature.

Restore Immunity wih Rich Antioxidants and Beneficial Fatty Acids 

Deep-sea Shark Liver Oil - Premium source of Alkylglycerol & Squalene

Alkylglycerol (AKG)
Alkylglycerol is the natural fatty substance commonly found in major organs like the liver, kidneys and bone marrow. The unique antioxidant eliminates free radical damage, while stimulating the production of white blood cells in bone marrow. Commonly found in the breast milk of mammals, human breast milk contains up to 10 times as much Alkylglycerol as cow’s milk, to provide nourishment to infants and guard against infection. Currently, the highest content of Alkylglycerol is found in shark liver. 

  • Penetrates cell membranes and effectively eliminates free radicals to prevent damage in cell structure and DNA, which cause weakened cells and increased vulnerability to germs and viruses

    DO YOU KNOW Most antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals in blood stream or within the tissues, this make AKG special for its ability to penetrate cell membranes! 

  • Regulates production of white blood cells, platelets and macrophages for optimal immunity and healthy body cells, and expedites illness recovery
  • Boosts immune defense, protects cells from radiation and chemotherapy damage

While Squalene occurs naturally in the human body in small amounts, the most abundant source of squalene is found in liver of deep sea sharks. Squalene helps enhance vital oxygen transfer to cells, beneficial for sedentary lifestyles, a high-stress environment, poor eating habits and pollution.

  • Supports adequate oxygen supply to body cells and tissues for optimal functioning 
  • Promotes healthy and supple skin

Contents: 760mg x 60 softgels

60 softgels

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