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Prostate Sensei Supreme

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Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
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Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme
Prostate Sensei Supreme

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Active Ingredients in 1 softgel

Standardized Saw Palmetto Extract 345mg
(>85% Fatty Acids & Sterols)

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Daily Dose: 1 softgel daily after meal

Q: Who should consume AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme?
A: Men who are over the age of 40, especially for those who are suffering from difficulty in urination and are experiencing thinning of hair. Most men are not concerned of prostate health and do not take preventative measures to stay healthy until they are already suffering the effects of an enlarged prostate.
AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme is suitable for those who are:
• Currently having a desk-bound job and are required to sit for long hours.
• Often on the road driving.
• Having a hectic lifestyle and often have irregular meals.

Q: What should I look out for when selecting a product for prostate health?
A: While choosing a prostate health supplement, safety, quality and efficacy are the key things to consider. Always look out for the efficacy of the main ingredient when choosing a good health prostate supplement. For saw palmetto extract, one should look out for the clinical standard as well as the active content.

Extensive research has pointed out that only clinically standardized saw palmetto extract with more than 85% fatty acids and active sterols show testosterone-inhibiting effect within the prostate gland. Although many products in the market claim to have other botanical ingredients, here is no quality marker to proof its efficacy. A lower level of saw palmetto extract may also have its efficacy compromised.


Q: Why is the formula of saw palmetto added with pumpkin seed extract? What are its benefits?
A: Components in pumpkin seed extract has been researched to have positive effects in slowing down the multiplication of prostate cell. Men with higher levels of carotenoids and zinc are found
to be at a lower risk of prostate problems, and pumpkin seeds are rich in these nutrients, hence helping to relieve prostate problems.


Q: How regular should I consume AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme?
A: AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme should be taken on a daily basis for men's health. It is always good to start early, even before you experience the symptoms of unhealthy prostate functions. It is available as one-a-day concentrated formula and you only need to take 1 softgel of Saw Palmetto Premium at any time of the day to enjoy the health benefits.


Q: How long before I can expect to see results?
A: Results may vary according to individual’s condition. Some may see results within days while others may require a longer time. We advise long term consumption of AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme to maintain optimal prostate and urinary health.


Q: What does BPH stand for?
A: BPH stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia and refers to the enlargement of prostate. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that forms part of the male reproductive system. The gland is made of two lobes, or regions, enclosed by an outer layer of tissue. As the diagram show, the prostate is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, where urine is stored. The prostates also surround the urethra, the canal through which urine passes out the body.
Enlarged prostate causes the following symptoms:
• A hesitant, interrupted, weak stream of urine
• Sudden sense of urgency and leaking or dribbling
• More frequent urination, especially at night


Q: How does AFC Prostate Sensei help in male pattern baldness?
A: Male pattern baldness is associated with various triggering factors, and an increased Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - a male hormone - is one of those. DHT damages the hair follicle, preventing it from growing hair that reaches the surface. When DHT levels are high, the growth phase of hair is shortened and hair falls out faster than when DHT levels are low. Saw Palmetto Extract is able to reduce production and effect of DHT on hair follicles, hence helping to reduce hair loss and maintain fuller hair.


1. Opt for Saw Palmetto Extract in Softgel form (oil form)

Fatty acid is the active component that makes saw palmetto effective. Powdered Saw Palmetto are made by drying and then crushing and grinding the whole immature green saw palmetto. The extracts are put through a variety of processes to remove the oil (fatty acids) from the saw palmetto, leaving the inactive ingredients in the final powdered product. On the other hand, Saw Palmetto used to derive oil extracts are typically matured saw palmetto, harvested for their high oil (fatty acids) content for optimal effectiveness.

Many brands of saw palmetto in the market are made with unconcentrated saw palmetto powder, which has only 6% to 8% fatty acid content. Based on the above studies, an individual who consumes only one dose of 320mg powdered saw palmetto with 6% - 8% fatty acid content would require at least 10 doses to have the same benefits as one 320mg dose of saw palmetto extract with >85% fatty acids.

AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme contains 345mg of Saw Palmetto Extract (Standardised to >85% Fatty acids and Active Sterols) per softgel (oil-form).


2. Select Saw Palmetto extracted by Supercritical CO2 Extraction (High-pressure extraction)

Below are some extraction methods used to extract saw palmetto:
a.    Low-pressure extraction - does not typically yield as rich an extract as high-pressure extraction.
b.    Chemical solvent extraction methodologies - may provide high-levels of extraction but there are potential trade-offs of possible retention of chemical residues.
c.    High-pressure extraction - the best process available to create a high-quality, consistent and potent formula. Compared with low-pressure extraction, more active constituents are potentially obtained and made available for final formulation.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction is an ultra-high-pressure extraction method that:

•    Offers extremely high concentration of active constituents – Delivers more active constituents like those in the natural saw palmetto source.
•    Retains high value of raw materials – Reduces the degradation of essential compounds, undesired chemical changes and oxidation potential.
•    Delivers a formula free of chemical solvents

AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme is extracted by Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method.

3. Go for supplement that contains at least 320mg of standardised Saw Palmetto Extract (contains >85% fatty acids and active sterols)
320mg of saw palmetto extract standardised to >85% free fatty acids, administered once daily, has been used and clinically studied for symptomatic treatment of BPH stage I and II. Studies found excessive consumption above 480mg of saw palmetto extract was not any more effective than 320mg a day.

4. Opt for Saw Palmetto Extract Supplement with synergistic ingredients
Other ingredients such as pumpkin seed extract and vitamin E have been shown to potentially enhance the effectiveness of saw palmetto formula.


5. Smell for authenticity
Saw Palmetto has a characteristic of a unique pungent smell. Opt for Saw Palmetto Supplement with stronger pungent smell as it reflects the quality marker of higher concentration of the active ingredients.


6. Check the Ingredient list to determine if the formulation has been diluted?
Some supplement-maker may dilute their saw palmetto supplements with less expensive plant oils like olive oil, palm oil or corn oil. Take note of each ingredient content as these oils may be listed as an added ingredient. For example, without a clear indication, a 160mg saw formula may contain only 100mg of saw palmetto extract and 60mg of other oils.


DIY Test for Your Prostate Health

Almost all men experience below optimal prostate health by the age of 40. Prostate problems may even develop in men in the early 30s. Most of them do not take
preventive measures or are too embarrassed to seek treatment to reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostate, until it is too late. For a start, a quality prostate health formula could help to reduce the risk of developing prostate symptoms.

What your score says about your prostate health?
• 1-7 Mild: You have minimal urinary disorder symptoms.
• 8-19 Moderate: You have significant urinary disorder symptoms. Please consult your doctor immediately. You are advised to take AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme on a daily basis.
• 20-35 Severe: You have severe urinary disorder symptoms. Please consult your doctor immediately. You are advised to take AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme on daily basis.

Are You Suffering from Prostate Problems?

As men age, hormonal imbalances occur, resulting in the growth of prostate tissues and the enlargement of the prostate gland, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH).

BPH typically starts in the 30s and progresses slowly, with symptoms becoming noticeable after the age of 50. Approximately half of men over 50 develop BPH, and the prevalence of this condition increases to as high as 90% among men aged 85.

Choose the Best Prostate Health Supplement

with Saw Palmetto

AFC Prostate Sensei Supreme is an all-natural botanical formula for prostate and urinary health. The combination of carotenoids and zinc in pumpkin seed complements the benefits of saw palmetto for comprehensive prostate health.

Highest functional dose of 345 mg clinical strength Saw Palmetto Extract (Standardised to >85% Fatty acids and Active Sterols) with proven results

• Active Pumpkin Seed Extract and Vitamin E for enhanced efficacy Pumpkin seed provides urinary health support with its rich amino acids, lipids, and minerals

Proven Results of Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto, derived from Serenoa repens fruit, contains fatty acids and phytosterols that naturally maintain prostate health.


Content: 530mg x 60 Softgels

60 softgels

Title Prostate Sensei Supreme

5 Rating 6 Review

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