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Precious Dew

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Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
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Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew
Precious Dew

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Ingredients: 100% ionic minerals. Contains no other added ingredients.

Remineralise water:

Precious Dew can be added to water or any beverage to supplement a complete and balanced spectrum of trace minerals and magnesium to your daily diet. Consuming a full daily dose at one go may have laxative effect. It is advisable to space the servings throughout the day for improved absorption.


Daily serving: 20 to 40 drops
Serving size: 5 drops per 250 ml glass of water OR 20 drops per litre of water
Day 1 to 3: Begin with 5 drops, twice a day (10 drops daily).
Day 4 onwards: 5 drops, 4 to 8 times a day (20 to 40 drops daily).
Dosage may be increased depending on individual’s needs.


For children aged 2 and above: 1 drop for every 2kg of body weight.


For children under age 2: consult a physician
Suitable for regular or sodium-controlled diet


Shake before use. Slight crystallisation may occur but this does not affect the quality of theproduct.


Suggested usage of Precious Dew

1. Re-mineralise water and other beverages such as juice, milk, chocolate drink, etc.
2. Add to carbonated beverages - a few drops per glass balances soda pop which markedly reduces the potentially adverse effects of carbonation.
3. Add to food such as hot broth - helps to enhance the taste of food.
4. Mix with toothpaste - keep teeth healthy, strong and white, relieve sensitive teeth.
5. Dilute with water and use as mouthwash.
6. Apply on hair and skin - dilute with water and use externally as a rub to support hair and skin health.
7. Dilute with water for watering plants.
8. Add to pet’s food and water (if your pet is eating grass or feces, it is likely that your pet is lacking essential minerals).


Customise Your Mineral Water Today!

Make your own mineral water at a fraction of the cost of premium mineral water. Simply add Precious Dew mineral drops to your drinking water. Best of all, the mineral water you concoct has more mineral nutrients than store-bought premium mineral water!


†99% sodium has been removed, resulting in low sodium. Low sodium is favourable as a variety of foods are naturally high in sodium, even if they don’t taste salty (e.g. meats, veggies, eggs, dairy, seafood) and many people far exceed the maximum recommendation of 2,400 mg of sodium per day. Diets high in sodium increase the risk for high blood pressure, swelling and kidney stones.

*Daily Value is not established

Q: What are ionic minerals?
An ion is a mineral or element that carries a positive or negative charge and bonds easily and quickly to water to allow optimal absorption by the body. Minerals absorption occurs mainly within the small intestines where ionic minerals are transferred through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and move across cell membranes to support vital body processes.


Q: Why should I take liquid minerals instead of pill or capsule form?
Mineral pills or capsules are usually processed with extreme pressure, heat, paraffin coatings and fillers which makes them difficult for the body to break down. Usually, less than 10% of the minerals is absorbed. In comparison, liquid minerals are quickly absorbed and utilised by the body without any help from the digestive or enzymatic functions of the body. This make them very ideal for children and the elderly as well as those with difficulty swallowing pills or with digestive and absorption difficulties. In addition, liquid minerals allow the flexibility in selecting a dosage that suits your individual need.


Q: What is unique about Precious Dew?
Precious Dew is a 100% natural mineral concentrate containing a complete spectrum of ionic, water soluble minerals in balanced proportion that the body needs. It is naturally processed by solar evaporation and eliminated of 99% sodium content with a proprietary technology. The end product concentrate is 26 times more concentrated (i.e. richer minerals) than colloidal trace minerals available on the market. Precious Dew is free of preservatives, colouring, flavouring or sweeteners; certified halal. Suitable for vegans, children and seniors.


Q: Why is absorption a key consideration when selecting a mineral supplement?
Minerals can be benefited only when our body can absorb them. The vast bulk of mineral absorption takes place in the small intestine, where minerals cross through the walls of the small intestine and enter the bloodstream. As this movement only happens when the minerals are ionically-charged, it is crucial to take a mineral supplement (such as Precious Dew) that contains ionic, liquid mineral to allow full absorption of minerals.


Q: Why do I need Precious Dew despite having a healthy diet?
Our food today has less nutrition than those in the past. Modern agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of minerals from the soil which grows the food we eat. Our body is composed primarily of water and minerals, both of which are fundamental for every function in the body. Minerals play a key role in maintaining the balance of water in the body, balancing pH of body fluids and regulating other body functions. Proper balance of minerals is essential in maintaining overall body wellness; deficiency or excess of any one mineral can upset the delicate health balance and result in diseases. Get your daily requirement of these essential minerals in healthy, balanced proportion by supplementing your diet with Precious Dew.


Q: Is Precious Dew comparable to premium mineral water?
Precious Dew is far superior to premium mineral water in both quality and affordability. 20 drops of Precious Dew (added to 1 litre of water) contains a much higher amount of essential minerals than those present in a bottle of 1L premium mineral water.The magnesium content in a 1L water re-mineralised with 20 drops of Precious Dew is equivalent to those of 5 bottles of 1L premium mineral water. Just adding 20 drops of Precious Dew (per litre) to distilled or purified water, you can enjoy the taste of premium mineral water and benefit from a complete, balanced spectrum of low sodium minerals and trace minerals.


Q: Are minerals in Precious Dew organic?
No, they are not organic. By definition, all minerals are inorganic. The minerals in Precious Dew are not sourced from plant material and thus have no organic compounds in them.


Q: Do I have to refrigerate Precious Dew after opening?
No, Precious Dew can be stored at room temperature. It is highly pure and naturally preserved by the concentrated, natural mineral makeup. Hence, it contains no bacterial growth and can stay fresh up to 5 years without refrigeration, even after opening. Slight crystallisation may occur after a few years but this does not affect the safety, quality and potency of the product.


Q: Can Precious Dew be applied topically on the skin?
Yes, it can. Precious Dew is a natural mineral concentrate. It can be diluted and used topically by direct application on the skin. Minerals have a number of beneficial effects on the skin which include antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties. They are known to promote skin cells regeneration, skin hydration, increase collagen and elastin production and protect against UV-induced cell damage.

Did you know?

30% of Singapore’s current water needs employs a desalination method called reverse osmosis which pushes seawater through membranes that filter out dissolved salts and minerals. Another 40% is supplied by NEWater plants which also involves reverse osmosis as part of its water treatment. The rest of the 30% of our water needs is supplied by reservoirs (rainwater that has very low concentration of minerals) and neighbouring country. Hence, mineral replenishment in drinking water is crucial, be it tap or purified water that you drink!



Did you know?

According to a study, there is no significant difference in nutritional value between organically grown food and non-organically grown food. Both organic and inorganic methods produce food that is remarkably deficient in critical minerals due to past over-harvesting practices (The Society of Chemical Industry’s (SCI) Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2008).



LABO Precious Dew is a 100% natural mineral concentrate containing naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals and magnesium. Just a few drops of Precious Dew replenishes a complete spectrum of ionic minerals into the body to help regulate muscle function, nerve function, proper pH balance, and hydrate efficiently.

Trace minerals are essential minerals that are required for physiological functioning, but are not produced naturally in the body. It is important to replenish it through diet. However, the food and water we consume is already mineral-deficient!

Due to mineral depletion in the soil and water, the vegetables and meat we consume are also mineral deficient.

Water purification methods not only remove bacteria and impurities, it also removes precious minerals from the water.

LABO Precious Dew is a 100% natural mineral concentrate containing naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals and magnesium. The solar-evaporated, mineral-rich concentrate is removed of 99% of its sodium content by a proprietary processing technology and is developed in a liquid ‘ionic’ form (for optimal absorption by the body) to efficiently replenish and restore minerals to your body.




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