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Most 100% Serum

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Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
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Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum
Most 100% Serum

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Aloe Vera juice, Water, BG, Placenta Extract, Water soluble proteoglycan, Hydrolysed yeast, Hydrolysed collagen, Polyquaternium-51, White fungus polysaccharide, Dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCL (Amitose R), Citric acid, Phenoxyethanol.

2 x PER DAY (Morning & Night)
Applying directly after cleansing, it works as a natural defence to lock the moistures within and enhances absorption of your skincare products. May be followed by facial cream as desired. Apply twice a day, in the morning and night.

Do no use on open wounds, rashes or any forms of skin abnormalities. In case of irritation or allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. Keep in cool dry place.


✔ 100% Pure & Concentrated Extracts
✔ Natural Intensive Moisture Lock
✔ Hydrate, Firm, Radiant
✔ Rejuvenate, Regenerate, Revitalize skin cells
✔ Visible Difference within days

Japan's Latest Innovate Essence

AFC MOST 100%原液 is a beauty concoction of 8 high performing skin essences. It is a pure concentrated solution designed with hydration lockage ability that works as natural defence to keep the moisture within. Its fast penetration produces instant and lasting effect, leaving your skin feeling soft and plump throughout the day.

•No alcohol •No paraben •No mineral oil
•No fragrance •No colouring

1 Drop = 8 Beauty Masks

How does it work?

The Power of 8 Extracts
that Transform your Skin


  1. 100% concentrated extracts
  2. Proven ingredients. Proven efficacy
  3. Hydrate + Firm + Radiate
  4. Immediate absorption, instant action

See the difference!

So how do you ensure
skin hydration inside out?

Water locking ability deteriorates as we age.
Proteoglycan is part of our body cells formed by essential skin components such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate for skin firmness and elasticity. It acts as a base to support our skin structure and prevent moisture loss.

Moisturize + Nourish Skin

Amitose-R in Most 100% Serum is Japan’s new innovation that combine hyper moisturizing ingredients (Arginine + Glycerin) for lasting hydration. Arginine is a natural amino acids that works as a strong antioxidant and binds water to our skin. Glycerin is widely used in cosmetic especially for dry and sensitive skin.


It is a wholesome comprehensive formula suitable for:

  • Fuss-free application for busy lifestyles
  • Intensive skincare and youthful rejuvenation
  • All skin types, even for for sensitive skin
  • Dry, aging and distressed skin

1 bottle 20ml


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