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Kurozu Vinegar

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Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
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Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar
Kurozu Vinegar

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Active Ingredient per 2 softgels

Fukuyama Kurozu Moromi           220mg

Sakura Umeboshi Extract            40mg

Citric Acid Anhydrous                   80mg


Other Ingredients: OmaxFresh Softgel Capsule (Bovine Gelatin, Glycerol, Phytic Acid), Safflower Oil, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester

NO Wheat, Milk derivatives, Preservatives, Stimulants, Coloring or Flavoring


Daily Dose

2 softgels daily with meal




Q: What is Kurozu Vinegar?
Hailing from Japan, Kurozu is a traditional vinegar known for its distinctive dark amber color. The city of Fukuyama in Kagoshima is particularly famous for Kurozu production, thanks to its warm climate and abundant supply of pure spring water, a crucial element in the fermentation process. Organic, unpolished brown rice, brown rice koji and mountain spring water are naturally fermented in handcrafted pottery jars, following meticulous brewing tradition over 200 years ago. 

Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract takes Kurozu a step further by incorporating Kurozu Moromi. This sediment, also known as "vinegar mother," settles at the bottom of the jar during fermentation. Rich in amino acids, citric acid, fatty acids, minerals, and other nutrients produced during the fermentation process, Kurozu Moromi is believed to offer similar health benefits as Kurozu, but with even greater efficacy.


Q: What is Sakura Plum Extract?
A: Sakura Plum Extract is a salt- and additive-free umeboshi extract.  Umeboshi are pickled ume plums, a traditional food source in East Asia with a history of over 2,000 years. Our Sakura Plum Extract is specially formulated to be 40 times more concentrated than consuming whole umeboshi. This means a significant amount of ume is used (25 grams of concentrate per kilogram of fresh plums) to deliver a potent extract. Known as queen of alkaline food, umeboshi offers a wide range of health benefits. It overcomes fatigues, aids digestion, detoxifies the body and mitigates a hangover. Besides, it is rich in natural antioxidants known as phytochemicals, which helps protect against free radical damage, chronic diseases and delay the skin ageing.


Q: What is Citric acid?
A: Citric acid is a naturally occurring substance found in citrus fruits, which gives them their distinctive tart flavor. Rich in antioxidants, citric acid helps fight free radicals and improves skin health. Besides, it also has an alkalinising effect on the body, as well as boosting energy metabolism and nutrient absorption, particularly calcium and magnesium. Additionally, it may promote good digestion, strengthen the intestinal barrier, and boost the immune system. 


Q: What is so unique about Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
A: Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract is a powerful triple-action formula combining three key ingredients: Fukuyama Kurozu Moromi (sediment of kurozu or Japanese black vinegar), Sakura Umeboshi Extract, and Citric Acid. These ingredients work together synergistically to effectively support healthy digestion, detoxification, immunity, and weight management. Additionally, it is superior in alkalinising the body, as well as boosting energy levels, and maintaining healthy blood lipids, sugar, and circulation. Rich in antioxidants, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, and minerals, Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract provides a wealth of beneficial nutrients that may contribute to overall well-being and potentially reduce the risk of diseases. The formula is further enhanced with patented OmaxFRESHTM technology, which has been proven to help maintain the freshness and potency of the ingredients throughout their shelf life. This technology ensures you receive the full benefits of the active ingredients unlike regular gelatin softgels, which can harden over time and hinder complete ingredient release.


Q: What are the benefits of consuming Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
A: Rich in natural antioxidants, amino acids and a wide range of beneficial compounds, Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract offers a wide range of health benefits and supports overall body wellness:
•    Detoxifies & alkalises body
•    Provides antioxidant protection
•    Promotes digestive & gut health
•    Relieves abdominal discomforts, such as bloating
•    Improves energy & fights fatigue
•    Relieves hangover symptoms
•    Strengthens immune system
•    Improves blood pressure, lipid & sugar levels
•    Improves blood flow & circulation
•    Helps protect against fatty liver
•    Supports weight management
•    Improves sleep quality & cognitive health
•    Brightens skin, reduces wrinkles & fine lines


Q: Why acidic body is a concern?
A: Modern diets, often overloaded with unhealthy fats, excessive sugar, and insufficient fiber, can contribute to an acidic body environment. Left unchecked, this acidic environment may be linked to chronic inflammation and an increased risk of various diseases.
Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract combine three powerful ingredients known for their potential alkalizing properties. By supporting a healthy body pH, this formula may help reduce inflammation, and promote better digestion, detoxification, energy levels, brain function, and healthy weight management, allowing the body to function optimally.

Q: What is the recommended dosage for Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
A: For general health maintenance, we recommend taking 2 softgels daily. If you're experiencing bloating or indigestion, consider taking 2 softgels twice a day, ideally after lunch and dinner.


Q: When is the best time to consume Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
A: General Health Maintenance: Taking with a meal is recommended. 
Blood Sugar Management: For those with blood sugar concerns, taking the formula before meals is recommended. Kurozu Moromi may help slow down glucose absorption, potentially reducing blood sugar spikes after meals.
Weight Management: To support weight management, taking the formula before a meal may promote satiety and potentially curb snacking, leading to reduced calorie intake.
Digestive Aid: For digestive assistance, taking the formula after a meal is ideal. This may help mitigate bloating and indigestion.
Gastric Concerns: If you have sensitive stomach concerns, taking the formula after meals is recommended.

Q: Who should take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
A: Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract is designed to support overall well-being in several ways:
General Health Maintenance: This formula can be a helpful addition to your daily routine for those seeking to support cardiovascular, kidney, and liver health.
Digestive Health: If you experience occasional indigestion, bloating, or other digestive issues, this formula is beneficial.
Energy and Immunity: This formula supports energy levels and healthy immune system
Weight Management & Detoxification: This formula is ideal for those looking for natural weight management, detox, and alkalinising properties
Recurring Gastric Issues: For those with recurring gastric issues, pairing this formula with Gastricell to get the maximum benefits.


Q: How soon might I experience relief from bloating after taking Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
A: The results may vary between individuals. Some users may experience relief within an hour, while others may notice a gradual improvement over time.


Q: I have recovered from bloating and my blood lipids are normal after taking Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract. Should I continue taking it?
A: Congratulations on experiencing these positive results! Yes, you're absolutely right to consider continuing Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract for maintaining optimal health. 
Modern diets can sometimes contribute to an acidic environment in the body, which some believe may impact digestion, metabolism, hormones, and overall function. This could potentially lead to weight gain, digestive issues, weakened immunity, and heart and circulation problems. 
Long-term use of Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract may help address this by potentially balancing the body's pH through its alkalizing properties. Additionally, this formula is designed to support detoxification, weight management, healthy digestion, and potentially promote overall wellness by supporting healthy blood pressure, lipid, and sugar levels.

Q: My child always has bloating problem. Can children take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
Yes, Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract can be taken by children aged 4 and above However, consulting with a pediatrician before giving any supplements to your child, especially those under 12 years old, is highly recommended.
The recommended dosage for children aged 4 to 11 years is 1 softgel daily, while those aged 12 and above can take 2 softgels daily. To relieve bloating, taking this supplement after a meal is highly recommended. 
In addition to mitigating abdominal discomforts, this formula also aids digestion, improves gastrointestinal health and nutrient absorption, as well as improves sleep quality. Attributed to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this formula helps maintain overall wellness of children, including a healthy immune system.


Q: How should I take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract to prevent or ease hangover symptoms?
To potentially prevent hangover symptoms, take 2 softgels of Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract before bed after a night of drinking. If symptoms persist in the morning, another 2 softgels can be taken. 
The hangover-relieving properties are attributed to Sakura Plum (Umeboshi) Extract, traditionally used in Japan for hangovers. Umeboshi is believed to stimulate digestion, boost liver function, and detoxify the body. Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract may also help by increasing energy and reducing fatigue, weakness, nausea, and headaches. Additionally, rehydrating with sufficient water is crucial for alleviating hangover symptoms.

Q: Is Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract suitable for vegetarians?
It is not suitable for vegetarians, as the softgel is not plant-origin. 


Q: Does Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract require a prescription?
No, Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract is a natural dietary supplement. It is not a medicine and hence, no prescription is required. However, it's always a good practice to consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement, especially if you are pregnant, lactating or have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications.


Q: Can I take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract while I am on medication?
Yes, you can. Please keep at least a 2-hour gap between Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract and medicines to obtain the full effects of this supplement. 


Q: Can I take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract together with other supplements?
Yes, you can. However, if you are taking VesseCLEAR EX or VesseCLEAR CX, keep at least 2-hour gap would be ideal as vinegar could affect the efficacy of nattokinase NSK-SD® in the VesseCLEAR supplements. 


Q: Are there any side effects associated with the consumption of Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract is generally a well-tolerated supplement with no known side effects. It is safe for long-term consumption for balancing body pH and maintaining optimal digestive health and overall body wellness. However, please get medical advice before starting any health supplements if you are pregnant, lactating, have any health conditions and / or taking any medications.

Q: Are Kurozu and Kouzu the same?
No, Kurozu and Kouzu are not the same, although they share some similarities. Kurozu is a traditional Japanese black vinegar made from fermented brown rice originating from the Fukuyama district in Japan, while Kouzu is black vinegar made from black glutinous rice from China. Both Kurozu and Kouzu have similar potential health benefits. However, Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract utilizes Fukuyama Kurozu Moromi, which offers greater efficacy than Kouzu.  The combination of Kurozu Moromi, Sakura Umeboshi Extract, and Citric Acid works synergistically to potentially enhance the overall effects of the formula.


Q: Is there any difference between Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract and apple cider vinegar?
While apple cider vinegar and kurozu vinegar share some potential health benefits, they are different in several aspects. 
Source: Kurozu vinegar is made from fermented brown rice, while apple cider vinegar comes from fermented apple juice.
Fermentation Time: Kurozu vinegar is typically fermented for longer (over a year) compared to apple cider vinegar (1-3 months). This may lead to higher levels of beneficial compounds in Kurozu vinegar, such as polyphenol, acetic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
Potential side effects: Taking too much of apple cider vinegar could lead to erosion of tooth enamel and delayed stomach emptying, which could slow down the body’s absorption of nutrients. Kurozu Vinegar, on the other hand, aids digestion and enhance nutrient absorption.
Diversified Benefits: Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract are formulated with the vinegar mother, kurozu moromi, and enhanced with Sakura Umeboshi Extract and Citric Acid, which offers more diversified benefits and far greater potency than apple cider vinegar. 


Q: I am taking apple cider vinegar, can I also take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract?
Yes, you can take Kurozu Vinegar & Sakura Plum Extract alongside your apple cider vinegar routine. Some believe it may further enhance the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar. Both supplements can be taken together or separately.

The following are extracted from published clinical studies, in-house studies, and/or case studies and are for reference purposes only. This does not imply that the product from Lifestream Group Pte Ltd is claimed to replicate the same results produced in the studies. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions about a medical condition, please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Any statements or claims made have not been evaluated by the relevant regulatory bodies and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Research proven health benefits of Kurozu and Ume

Cardiovascular health
Study 1: In this clinical trial, subjects who had cardiac diseases or hypertension and were taking medicine orally were administered 20 ml Kurozu daily and their blood lipid profile and hemorheological indices were determined before and after taking Kurozu for 1  month. Administration of Kurozu resulted in blood total cholesterol, increase in ratio of HDL cholesterol to total cholesterol, decrease in blood triglyceride and glucose levels. Besides, Kurozu administration showed a tendency to reduce whole blood viscosity and improve red cell filterability (RCF), which is regarded as model of in vivo microcirculation. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of Kurozu in improving blood lipids, glucose and circulation.


Study 2: In this clinical trial, subjects with prehypercholesterolemia and mild-to-moderate hypercholesterolemia (serum LDL cholesterol ranging from 120 to 180 mg/dL at baseline) were administred 200 mg of Kurozu-garlic (KG) or placebo daily for 12 weeks, and the effect of KG on blood lipid profile as determined at weeks 0 (baseline), 4, 8 and 12 weeks. Supplementation with KG resulted in a significant decrease in total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels at 4, 8 12 weeks. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of KG in improving blood lipid profile (Jpn Pharmacol Ther. 2017, 45:51-60)

Study 3: In this clinical trial, 40 subjects with slightly high blood pressure were administered Kurozu-containing food or placebo daily for 12 weeks and their blood pressure and quality of life (SF-36v2) were determined at weeks 0, 6 and 12. Compared to placebo, Kurozu group showed significant decrease in blood pressure at week 12 and significant improvement in quality of life at week 6. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of Kurozu in supporting healthy blood pressure and quality of life. 

Healthy weight management
Study 1: In this clinical trial, obese Japanese male and female adults were orally administered Kurozu concentrate supplement (480 mg Kurozu concentrate per day) or placebo for 12 weeks. Their obesity-related parameters, including body weight, BMI, waist circumference and abdominal fat were determined at baseline and at week 12. Compared to placebo group, Kurozu concentrate administration resulted in significant decrease in body weight (p < 0.043), and nearly significant decrease in BMI (p = 0.052) and significantly less increase in total fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in female subjects (p < 0.05). These findings suggest the potential of Kurozu concentrate supplementation for improving obesity-related parameters in obese individuals. 



Study 2: In this clinical trial, mildly obese adults were orally administered Kurozu concentrated supplement for 12 weeks, along with approximately 10 minutes of exercise daily. Results showed that there was a decrease in hip circumference, an increase in fat-derived energy consumption and suppression of carbohydrate-derived energy consumption in Kurozu concentrate group. There was a tendency of increase in energy consumption at the time of exercise. Besides, results showed that the Kurozu has greater effect in decreasing amount of fat for those with higher fat amount. These findings suggest that Kurozu supplementation together with appropriate exercise could help improve metabolic syndrome.


Study 3: In this study, 30 hyperlipidemic male rats aged 7 weeks were fed with high-fat diet for 4 weeks and the rats were fed with 0% (HFD+0PM) [control], 1% (HFD+1PM) and 2% (HFD+2PM) ume (Prunis mume) concentrate for 4 weeks. Compared to control, serum total lipid, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels were significantly lowered in groups administered with ume. Meanwhile, serum HDL (good) cholesterol was significantly higher and LDL (bad) cholesterol tend to be lower in group treated with 2% ume concentrate, compared to control. In addition, atherogenic index, which is a significant predictor of cardiovascular risk, was significantly lower in group treated with 2% ume concentrate, compared to control. Lower atherogenic index is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular risk. Besides, liver superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity (SOD is an important antioxidant enzyme) was significantly higher in group treated with 2% ume concentrate than in control group. These findings suggests the potential of ume concentrate in improving blood lipid profiles and antioxidative status in hyperlipidemic subjects (FASEB J. 26 (2012))

Liver health
Study 1: In this study, mice were fed with high-fat diet (HFD) for 110 weeks and the effect of Kurozu on the onset of hepatic steatosis (fatty liver disease) was determined. Compared to standard diet, HFD treatment for 110 weeks accelerated the onset of fatty liver disease, while Kurozu concentrate supplementation mitigated the effect of HFD feeding. Compared to control HFD group, Kurozu + HFD resulted in significantly lower body weight. Besides, Kurozu supplementation significantly inhibited decrease in serum dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) levels at postnatal week 120. Lower levels of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate are known to be associated with more advanced liver fibrosis. In addition, Kurozu supplementation for 10 days significantly increased the expression of lipid metabolism genes (Sirt1, Pgc-1α, Lpin1 and Igfbp1) in the liver. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of Kurozu in delaying the onset of fatty liver disease induced by high-fat diet. 


Study 2: In this clinical trial, healthy subjects were orally administered 150 mg of a standardised ume (Prunus mume, PM) extract for 3 months. There was a beneficial and statistically significant effect of ume extract on liver function, compared to control. Compared to baseline, there was a decrease in alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (ɣGT), implying improved liver function. In addition, ume extract reduced glycemia (concentration of blood glucose), and LDL (bad cholesterol) /HDL (good cholesterol) ratio, triglycerides, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol, compared to baseline. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of a standardised ume extract for supporting liver health and protecting against metabolic diseases.



Blood glucose
Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common metabolic diseases in the world, which involves inappropriately elevated blood glucose levels. It occurs when pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin or insulin resistance, which body cells could not respond well to insulin. 

Study 1: In this study, mice were orally administered with Kurozu for 30 days, which resulted in significantly lower mean plasma glucose, 1,5-Anhydro-D-Glucitol (accurately predicts rapid changes in concentration of blood glucose) and hemoglobin A1c levels. Besides, in vitro study using everted gut sacs of the rat intestine showed that Kurozu significantly suppressed the intestinal absorption of glucose. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of Kurozu in preventing the increase in blood glucose levels and daily intake of Kurozu may help improve type 2 diabetes (Jpn Pharmacol Ther.  34: 199-206 (2006)). 

Study 2: In this study, mice fed with high-fat diet were administered with 70% ethanol extract of ume (Prunus mume) fruits (EMS). A high-fat diet significantly increased the body weight, fat accumulation and glucose levels in the mice. Nonetheless, administration of ume extract (EMS) under the same conditions attenuated the high-fat diet-induced increase in body weight, fat accumulation and triglycerides, as well as improved the impaired fasting glucose level and glucose tolerance. These findings suggest the potential of ume extract to protect against obesity and diabetes, which could possibly bring therapeutic benefits to those with type 2 diabetes. 


Antioxidant properties
In this clinical trial, 10 healthy female volunteers were orally administered Kurozu and the levels of diacron-reactive oxygen metabolites (d-ROM) and the biological antioxidant potential (BAP) were determined at baseline and 30 days of intake. Both d-ROM and BAP are the markers of oxidative stress, which ae used to evaluare changes in oxidative stress. Compared to baseline, Kurozu administration resulted in significant decrease in d-ROM after 30 days. Besides, the administration of Kurozu increased the serum BAP level gradually. After 30 days, the BAP level was significantly higher than baseline. These findings suggest that Kurozu, which contains a higher level of amino acids, increases antioxidant activity and reduces oxidative stress in female subjects (J Nutr Health Aging. 10:845-849 (2010)). 

Gastrointestinal health
Study 1: In this study, mice were administered with a diet containing Kurozu, Kurozu-M (sediment of Kurozu) or a control diet for a week before administration of DSS (dextran sulfate sodium) to induce colitis. Their changes in body weight, bloody stool frequency and nitrotyrosine levels in rectal tissues were monitored. Nitrotyrosine is markedly expressed in active ulcerative colitis but is not expressed in uninflamed bowel. Compared to control group, Kurozu administration significantly suppressed body weight loss during 6 to 12 days after DSS administration, reduced blood stool frequency during 2 to 12 days and significantly decreased nitrotyrosine levels at 12 days. Similarly, Kurozu-M (sediment of Kurozu) significantly inhabited body weight loss during 6 to 8 days after DSS administration and reduce bloody stool frequency during 2 to 12 days. These findings suggest that Kurozu and Kurozu-M could potentially help protect against colitis (Dig Dis Sci. 56(5):1387–1392 (2011)).
Study 2: In this clinical trial, non-elderly Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)-related chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) volunteers were orally administered low or high doses of ume. H. pylori antibody titres were significantly lower in the high-dose ume group. Besides, endoscopic tissue biopsy showed less H. pylori bacterial load and mononuclear infiltration, which characterizes chronic inflammatory reaction, in the high-dose ume group. These findings suggest the preventive effects of ume on CAG by suppressing H. pylori infection and reducing mucosal inflammation. 

Immune health
Study 1: In this clinical trial, 18 university student cyclists were orally administered 30 ml Kurozu drink or control daily for 80 days and both Kurozu and control groups performed the same training for 80 days. The natural killer (NK) cell activity was significantly lowered by 80 days of training in control group, but not in Kurozu group. Natural killer cells are crucial for immune system by controlling microbial infections by limiting their spread and subsequent tissue damage. This finding suggests that Kurozu could potentially help prevent decrease in NK cell activity caused by intense training, which could contribute to optimal physical condition of athletes. 

Study 2: In this in vitro study, purified phenolics from ume were added to the cultured media of cells infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). Phenolics were shown to inhibit the multiplication of these viruses at phenolic concentrations at which they showed no severe cytotoxicity. When infected cells were incubated with 3 mg/ml phenolics at 30oC for 5 minutes, the infectivity decreased to 0.0001, implying the virucidal (capacity to destroy or inactivate viruses) activities of the phenolics. These findings suggest the potential use of phenolics from ume in protecting against virus infection. 

Brain health
In this study, senescence-accelerated mice were fed 0.25% (w/w) concentrated Kurozu or 0.5% (w/w) Kurozu Miromi (remaining extact after Kurozu liquid is filtered out) for 4 or 25 weeks. Kurozu suppressed cognitive dysfunction and amyloid accumulation in the brain, which is a critical and early event in the Alzheimer's disease (AD) cascade. Meanwhile, Kurozu Moromi showed a tendency to ameliorate cognitive dysfunction. Besides, DNA microarray analysis indicated concentrated Kurozu increased Hspa1a mRNA expression, which is a protein that prevents misfolding and amyloid accumulation. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of Kurozu in maintaining brain health. 

Kurozu increases Hspa1a expression, which is a protein helps suppress amyloid accumulation


Study 1: In this clinical trial, 10 male long-distance runners were orally administered 20 ml Kurozu daily for 30 days and their vascular function, whole blood filtration time were determined the day before and after administration of Kurozu. After administration of Kurozu for 30 days, there was significant decrease in whole blood filtration and serum level of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) that rises in skeletal ischemia, as well as increase in red blood cell volume (MCV). The decrease in VEGF may be due to improvement of microcirculation. In addition, the competition time of 5000 m was improved in all subjects. These findings suggest the potential of Kurozu in improving the exercise capacity by decreasing the whole blood filtration time and VEGF.

Study 2: In this study, high-intensity exercised rats were administered ume (Prunus mume) vinegar and the anti-fatigue activity was determined. Depletion of glycogen during prolonged and exhausting exercise could contribute to fatigue. Compared exercised control group, administration of ume vinegar significantly improved glycogen accumulation and running endurance in the liver and muscle of ume vinegar supplemented rats. In addition, ume vinegar supplementation reduced fatigue-related serum biomarkers, which are ammonia, inorganic phosphate and lactate. Besides, rats administered with ume vinegar exhibited greater glutathione peroxidase (GPx, antioxidant enzyme) activity and lower malondialdehyde (marker of oxidative stress). These findings suggest the antioxidative property of ume vinegar contributes to the improvement of fatigue recovery in exhausted subjects.


Skin health
In this study, Nc/Nga mice, which used as a human atopic dermatitis or eczema model, were orally administered with fermented ume (Prunus mume) with probiotics. Continuous supplementation markedly suppressed the development of the eczema-like skin lesions, which was shown by a marked decrease in skins sings and reduced inflammation within the skin lesions. Besides, there was significantly decrease in serum IgE concentration, which IgE is an antibody plays an essential role in many allergic diseases, including eczema. These findings suggest the beneficial effects of fermented ume with probiotics in suppressing the development of eczema-like skin lesions (Vet Dermatol. 184-191 (2010)).
Cancer management
In this in vitro study, cancer cell lines, including colon adenocarcinoma (Caco-2), lung carcinoma (A549), breast adenocarcinoma (MCF-7), bladder carcinoma (5637), and prostate carcinoma (LNCaP) cells were used to determine the effect of Kurozu extract on cancer cells. Kurozu extract suppressed the proliferation of all tested cancer cell lines in a dose-dependent manner, with inhibition mostly pronounced in Caco-2 cells (up to 62% inhibition at a dose level of 0.025%). These findings suggest the beneficial effects of Kurozu in cancer management. 




  • Relieves fatigue
  • Supports healthy blood lipids & sugar levels
  • Supports healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Supports liver health
  • Supports immune health
  • Supports healthy brain functions
  • Supports gastrointestinal health
  • Alleviates reactive skin condition


Contents: 490mg x 90 softgels 


90 softgels

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