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Kidachi Detox

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Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
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Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox
Kidachi Detox

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Active Ingredients Per 6 caplets

Kidachi aloe (Aloe arborescens) 900mg
Plant origin Lactobacillus plantarum 10 billion
Inulin and oligosaccharides 406mg



Premium Ingredients of Kidachi Detox


Kidachi Aloe – Premium species from Japan. Better than other aloe species. Supports gastric health.

Shizuoka prefecture is a geographical location blessed by rich natural resources that is ideal for aloe agriculture. Its mild temperature is ideal for the plantation of Kidachi aloe which is high in adaptability during Japan's harsh winter time. Research on the bio-active profile of aloe plants shows that Kidachi aloe has an exclusive chemical profile with various functional nutrients working synergistically for multiple health benefits such as:
Gastric relief – Kidachi aloe contains a natural buffer system that can restore a healthy level of stomach acid by raising the pH levels enough to relieve the discomfort, but not enough to trigger the release of more stomach acid.
Healing of body tissues - Acemannan found in Kidachi aloe possesses anti-inflammatory effect.
Improved digestion – Enzymes found in Kidachi aloe help in the break down of sugar and fat.
Promotes growth of good bacteria - Aloe functions as a probiotic to promote the growth of good flora in order to optimize digestive function.
Constipation relief– Anthraquinone in Kidachi aloe helps to regulate bowel movement and promote intestinal cleansing
Enhanced immune function – Kidachi aloe guards against bacterial and viral infection.
Allergic relief– Barbaloin in Kidachi aloe can inhibit free histamine and reduces asthmatic symptoms, allergic rhinitis and pollen allergies.


Lactobacillus Plantarum - Lactic acid bacteria from plant that balances intestinal flora.
Lactobacillus Plantarum, commonly found in fruits and vegetables, can also be cultivated in some plant sources including rice and also known to be more resistant than probiotics from dairy sources.
Promotes good gastrointestinal health
Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the body
Relieves abdominal distension and flatulence
Superior to other Lactobacillus strains
Supports healthy liver functions
Boosts immunity - Prevention and treatment of food allergy, inhibits tumour growth


Inulin and Oligosaccharides - The soluble fibers proven to support natural detoxification and bowel regularity.
Inhibits accumulation of lipid in the liver
Softens stool
Lowers blood urea and uric acid
Reduces dependence on medications for stomach discomfort relief



Daily Dose

6 tablets daily


What to expect?

You will feel more energetic. The occurrence of indigestion, bloating and acid reflux will reduce gradually and your body will be able to absorb nutrients more efficiently.


How do I know if I need to take Kidachi Detox?

Modern lifestyles put a strain on our digestive and intestinal systems, which lead to gastric problems. Also, our bodies accumulate wastes which turns into toxins over time and this affects our immunity and health. Kidachi Detox is a superb detox and digestion formula recommended for those with poor digestion, gastric discomfort, bloatedness, dull skin, constipation or weak immunity.


What kind of results will I expect to see after consuming Kidachi Detox?


You will feel more energetic. The occurrence of indigestion, bloating and acid reflux will reduce gradually, and you will experience regular bowel movement. Also, your body will be able to absorb nutrients more efficiently with improved intestinal health.


Why should I choose Kidachi Detox?


Kidachi Detox is formulated with active Kidachi aloe, 10 billion Lactobacillus plantarum as well as prebiotics. It is the only aloe supplement that contains both probiotic and prebiotics to restore intestinal flora. Unlike most lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus Plantarum is heat-treated to withstand high heats of up to 85˚C.


Are there any side effects when taking Kidachi Detox?


Kidachi Detox is an all-natural formula with no negative side effects. It is suitable for long-term consumption.


Is Kidachi Detox a laxative?


Kidachi Detox is not a laxative. Kidachi Detox contains Anthraquinone which helps to regulate and improve bowel movement without side effects.


Do I need to refrigerate Kidachi Detox as it contains probiotic?


Kidachi Detox is formulated with heat-treated Lactobacillus Plantarum which can tolerate to high heats of up to 85°C, so it is not necessary to refrigerate it. However, it is best to store Kidachi Detox in a cool, dry place.


Is Kidachi Detox suitable for vegetarians?


Yes. Kidachi Detox is formulated with 100% vegetarian ingredients and is safe for long term consumption.


Can individuals with diabetes take Kidachi Detox?


Yes. Preliminary research suggests that the intake of aloe vera can help to regulate blood glucose levels by stimulating the production of insulin to maintain glucose level within the normal range. Hence, Kidachi Detox is safe for diabetic patients.


The following are extracted from published clinical studies, in-house studies, and/or case studies and are for reference purposes only. This does not imply that the product from Lifestream Group Pte Ltd is claimed to replicate the same results produced in the studies. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions about a medical condition, please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Any statements or claims made have not been evaluated by the relevant regulatory bodies and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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How does digestion occurs?

Digestion starts in the mouth where saliva starts breaking down carbohydrates before the food is swallowed. Food is then passed down to the stomach. A healthy stomach has a balance level of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid)  as well as the presence of enzymes to break down proteins. After passing through the stomach, food moves into the small intestine where fats and carbohydrates are digested, after which, food enters the large intestines where gut bacteria starts working on the remnants in order to obtain useful substances while the fluid is reabsorbed. The waste is hardened and concentrated as faeces to be eliminated by our body.


Any symptoms below are warning signs of unhealthy system!

Diarrhea Loose (watery) stool on a frequent basis, like every alternate day. Food is not properly digested which leads to the absorption of less nutrients. It also causes dehydration.
Constipation Bowel movement of 1 to 2 times weekly that is difficult to pass. The colon wall is lined with hardened waste and elimination is slow. This increases the chances of toxins being circulated throughout the body.

Foul-smelling gas that is produced as an end-product of animal protein. Excessive foul-smelling gas is the result of bacteria overgrowth which inhibits complete digestion. 



Existing medications for temporary stomach relief

Antacids are taken to neutralize excess stomach acid. However, lowered stomach acid level impairs the absorption of Calcium and increases the risk of Osteoporosis. Other nutrients that may be affected include Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Folic acid, Vitamin A, B1, B6 and E. As stomach acid is a natural antibacterial compound, a lowered level of stomach acid will also leads to an increased susceptibility to infections. AFC Kidachi Detox contains synergized gastro-protective aloe substances, plant-based lactic acid bacteria and prebiotics for natural and gentle stomach relief. It balances stomach acid levels, improves digestion and supports gastrointestinal health by promoting bowel movement and alleviating symptoms of digestive disorders.


Are you suffering from gastric discomfort?

Do you frequently burp after meal?

Do you suffer from bowel irregularity?

Our stomach is responsible for as much as 75% of our digestive functions. Unfortunately, many of us face problems with our digestive system.  This is due to the food processing and cooking methods that destroy vital food nutrients and enzymes. As a result, our body starts to secrete more stomach acid to facilitate digestion which leads to burping while some may experience heartburn. The gas makes your stomach bloat and causes flatulence, poor digestion and lowered ability for the absorption of nutrients.

AFC Kidachi Detox –Superior Detox & Digestion Formula

AFC Kidachi Detox is an all-natural formula, formulated with active Kidachi aloe, 10 billion heat treated Lactobacillus Plantarum, inulin and oligosaccharides that promotes healthy digestion and helps balance stomach acid level. Additionally, AFC Kidachi Detox also relieves abdominal and gastric discomfort, facilitates the healing of gastrointestinal tract and restores intestinal flora.

How does AFC Kidachi Detox work?  

AFC Kidachi Detox is an all-natural plant based formula that aids in detoxification and regulation of intestinal health. This proven formulation comprises of:


Kidachi Detox delivers superb inner cleansing and digestion benefit with one of its unique ingredient, the Kidachi Aloe. Kidachi aloe, characterized by small and thin leaves, is a superior aloe species cultivated only in Japan.  It is recognized as a functional health food in Japan for cleansing, beauty and health support. It is also recognized as a medicine in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia due to the Anthraquinone that is present in Kidachi aloe.

Research on the profile of aloe plants shows that the Kidachi aloe has unique bio-active ingredients (as compared to other aloe species) that deliver multiple health benefits:

  • Relief gastric pains and soothes gastrointestinal discomfort

          Kidachi aloe contains a natural buffer system that can restore a healthy level of stomach acid by raising the pH to relieve the discomfort

  • Improves digestion 

           Enzymes found in Kidachi aloe help in the breakdown of sugar and fat

  • Intestinal cleansing 

           The Anthraquinone content in Kidachi aloe is filtered to a safe level which is effective in regulating bowel movement and cleansing the intestines.

  • Promotes growth of good bacteria

           Aloe functions as a probiotic to promote the growth of good flora for optimal digestive functions 

Special Processing Technology to reap the best out of each Kidachi Aloe

Most of the aloe products in the market are manufactured using only the inner leaf gel. However, AFC Kidachi Detox is manufactured using the most advanced- Whole leaf extraction, cold processing and filtering methods to ensure the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients are present in the finished product.

  1. Whole leaf extraction utilizes the entire aloe vera for extraction to get the full benefits of aloe vera.

  2. 100% cold processing helps to retain the valuable nutrients as high-heat process alters or destroys the enzymes and amino acids that are essential for digestion and other health needs.

  3. Special filtering process to keep all the key nutrients in place, while removing the unwanted components. This ensures that maximum bioavailability is present in each product.


Lactobacillus plantarum is used in the fermentation of food like kimchi, pickles and sourdough bread. Research has shown that it delivers therapeutic compounds and proteins to the body. It also naturally exists in human saliva and gastrointestinal tract. A plant-based probiotic, Lactobacillus plantarum is a heat-treated strain that is used to stabilize the cell walls resulting in unique characteristics:

  • Ability to tolerate high heat of up to 85°C

  • Survive in acidic stomach condition and stay intact

  • Immune cells activate upon contact with stomach acids

As a result, it retains its integrity all the way to the intestine. A healthy colony of Lactobacillus Plantarum in the gastrointestinal system helps to prevent harmful bacteria from attaching itself to the intestinal wall and affecting the absorption of nutrients. In short, Lactobacillus Plantarum helps to restore gastrointestinal health, reduce abdominal flatulence, enhance acquired immunity and improve resistance to food allergies.



Inulin and oligosaccharides are partially digested short chain molecules that dissolve easily in water. Inulin and oligosacharides function as prebiotics that promote the growth of good bacteria and limit the colonization of bad bacteria

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AFC Kidachi Detox – Natural Digestion Support and Inner Cleansing





Contents: 300mg X 180 caplets

180 tablets

Title Kidachi Detox

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