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2x Joint Sensei Supreme Free FlexC CARE 50ml

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2x Joint Sensei Supreme Free FlexC CARE 50ml
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2x Joint Sensei Supreme Free FlexC CARE 50ml

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Are you experiencing any of these conditions that restrict your mobility? Millions of adults around the world suffer from varying degrees of joint degeneration, accompanied by joint pain, discomfort and limited flexibility.

Joint pain is often associated with problems that only affect the elderly. However, young and active working professionals are also afflicted with stiff joints; brought about by bad body posture and over weight. Address your joint issues with the new and improved AFC Joint Sensei Supreme, a 7-in-1 complete formula targeted to support healthy bone and joint health, giving you the ease of mobility and better quality of life.


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7-in-1 Fast Acting Pain Relief

AFC Joint Sensei Supreme is a complete joint care formula for bone and joint health, as well as promoting ease of mobility. This quick relief formula comprises of 7 natural joint nutrients that support heathy bone density, promote healthy joint structure and facilitate the repair of damaged joints for improved flexibility and mobility.

  • Repair & build cartilage

  • Lubricate joints, regain flexibility

  • Relieve pain & joint stiffness

  • Help increase bone density

  • Reduce joint inflammation

What makes AFC Joint Sensei Supreme your choice supplement?

1800 glucosamine joint supplement
Common causes of joint pain

comon causes of joint painDid you know?


A study in Singapore states that 42% of the elderly population suffer from knee pain, yet nearly half of them choose to suffer in silence. While 40% of the elderly experience knee pain for more than five years. (News from AsiaOne, Oct 17, 2012) Osteoarthritis is one of the ten most disabling diseases in developed countries. This common age- related problem affects the joints that have been continually stressed throughout the years including the knees, hips, fingers, and lower spine region. Good implementation of lifestyle changes and sufficient supplementation can actually improve or even prevent such joint probem.




What Causes Joint Issues?

The joint capsule contains the cartilage and synovial fluid. The cartilage covers the surface of two connecting bones, allowing them to rotate, glide and roll upon each other easily. It also cushions the joint, spreading the load evenly when pressure is put on. The synovial fluid can be found in the joint cavity, which acts as a natural lubricant to facilitate movement and absorb pressure. A decrease in either may lead to degeneration in joint health. Joint conditions normally deteriorate with age but can also be worsened by a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, sports injury and accidental fractures.

In addition, decrease in bone density also poses issues to our joint health as we age. Therefore, it is important for us to take early precaution in maintaining good joint health.

Vital Natural Ingredients for Synergistic Joint Care Action

walking up the stairs joints

Repair & Rebuild

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

• A key component of cartilage and synovial fluid
• High bioavailability of up to 98% absorption
• Support joint resilience and promote self repair
• Reduce inflammation and cartilage degradation




Pain & Inflammation Relief

Drynaria, Cat’s Claw & Ajuga Extracts

• Help increase bone density, reduce risk of osteoporosis
• Relieve pain caused by arthritis, joint tenderness and morning stiffness
• Promote fracture healing and pain relief
• Relieve swelling by suppressing the secondary immune response






Regain Flexibility

Chrondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, Type II Collagen

• Lubricate joints
• Repair damaged cartilage
• Support shock absorption
• Support joint flexibility and enhance absorption of joint nutrients
• Work synergistically with glucosamine for effective joint care


Scientific Studies

AFC Joint Sensei Supreme is highly recommended for people who:

  • Experience pain in the knees, back, fingers and hips

  • Experience stiffness and creaking in joints

  • Have age-related degenerative joint problems

  • At risk of low bone density

  • Lead an active lifestyle

  • Suffer from previous joint injuries

Recommended dosage: 6 caplets daily after meal.

Expert’s opinion

dr hiroshi

Glucosamine is often used to ease joint stiffness and pain caused by common joint conditions such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. On its own, it may not be able to fully address these joint problems. Moreover, the form of Glucosamine contains different bioactive content that affects its results. An effective joint supplement should comprise multiple ingredients including Glucosamine in Hydrochloride form, working in synergy to support both bone and joint health.

Hiroshi Kikuchi
R&D Department Manager, Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory Co.,Ltd.




Satisfied Users





"Joint Sensei Supreme helps me stay physically active at the age of 62!"


I had been suffering from chronic knee pain since my days as a baseball player as I did a lot of high intensity exercise which may have hurt my cartilage. Thanks to Joint Sensei Supreme, my joint condition has improved significantly. Now I can even participate in full marathons which lasted 13 hours long. I believe Joint Sensei Supreme is effective in protecting my joints so I can continue to stay active at 62! 

田尾安志, 62 

Professional baseball commentator,  Japan 







“It’s great that I can continue to pursue my passion!”
I’ve been an active mountain climber for the past eight years. Thanks to my joint maintenance supplement, AFC Joint Sensei Supreme, I’m still pursuing my hobby at the age of 50. I enjoy exploring the lovely mountains with my friends every weekend; so I’ll definitely continue to consume it to keep my joints and bones strong and healthy.

Yumiko Yamane,50




“Over the years, I developed pain in my lower back and stiffness in my shoulders due to bad posture and long hours of driving. The quality of my life was compromised because of my back pain. I tried AFC Joint Sensei Supreme for pain relief and was able to see results very quickly after a month. The pain has gone and my shoulders are more flexible now.”

Y.L. Ku, 39




“I’m a 63 –year-old semi-professional golfer; I’ve been consuming AFC Joint Sensei for 5 years and I continue to take AFC Joint Sensei Supreme now. My friends and fellow golfers are surprised that U choose to walk instead of getting on the buggy during my game. I like the freedom of moving on the vast green space and this is possible because I have maintained my bones and joints well.”

Ms. Hayama, 63




“I’ve been consuming AFC Joint Sensei Supreme for four years. Last month, I slipped at the porch and injured my right shoulder. The X-ray result showed no broken bone, just an injury to my shoulder tendon. When I received my medical report, I was informed that my bone density is within the healthy range. I know my healthy bones are due to the supplement I’ve been taking daily. AFC Joint Sensei Supreme is very effective for me.”

Ms. Ishizuka, 74



"Since four years ago, my mobility had been compromised as I could not squat without feeling any pain. When climbing stairs, I walk slowly and both my hands have to be supported by the hand rails. To be honest, I have tried several brands of joint supplements but none of them was able to improve my condition, until I found AFC Joint Sensei Supreme. Since I started taking Joint Sensei Supreme, the condition of my knees improved gradually. Now I can squat for about 30 minutes and climb the stairs without the hand support. Thanks, AFC! I am very pleased to have such a high quality and effective yet reasonably priced supplement. 

Ms Akita Yoshida, 84 





My husband and I love outdoor activities, especially cycling. I understand that at this age, supplementing our diet with glucosamine helps to keep our joints healthy. We chose AFC Joint Sensei Supreme simply because it has worked as it claimed – stronger and less painful joints! Since my husband started taking Joint Sensei Supreme, his knee pain had reduced significantly, so did his complaints. We will continue to take it to keep our joints healthy!

兵庫県 辻様, 39



Results may vary according to individuals condition.

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