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BRM360º™ helped her tide through her most difficult period

Madam Ng passed her regular pap-smear and breast examination last September 2005. However, she felt sick and noticed a much heavier blood loss during her menstruation in March 2006. After consultation with a polyclinic doctor, she was immediately referred to KK Hospital. The doctors did a CT scan and suspected she was suffering from stage 1 cervical cancer. Biopsy and tests done in June 2006 revealed that she had stage 3 cervical cancer (子宫内膜癌) instead.   As cancer cells were also found in her lymph nodes, she had to undergo 6 sessions of chemotherapy, and a further 18 days of intravenous drip at home. Thereafter, another 25 sessions of daily radiotherapy were prescribed.   Mdm Ng was recommended Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ during this period by a fellow patient in the hospital. She started consuming 4 Cordyceps Stroma capsules daily from June 2006 to ease her convalescence.   In early July 2006, she began to consume an additional 6 capsules of BRM360º™ daily to strengthen and prepare her body for the trying series of chemotherapy and radiotherapy that were to follow. She commenced her first chemo session on 19 July 2006. Apart from some nauseating discomfort  on her first session, her body was able to withstand the 6 chemo sessions so well that many fellow patients mistook her as a visitor at the hospital on several occasions. After her chemo sessions, she had minimal weight loss and was able to maintain her overall radiance. She visited her relatives in Malaysia just after the chemotherapy and they were unable to tell that she had cancer and even commented that she looked much better than before. Mdm Ng is wrapping up her radiotherapy sessions, which she has commented is “a breeze” other than the long journey to and fro the hospital daily. She is very grateful to Lifestream for her Cordyceps Stroma™ and BRM360º™, which has helped her tide through her most difficult and darkest moments.     May Ng shares her cancer story Windows Media Video in Chinese  
5 out of 5 Stars!
Madam May Ng, 57

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