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My grandpa could get onto his wheelchair without assistance.

My Grandfather is 90 years old. He underwent surgery about three weeks ago. He was very weak after the surgery and was totally bed-ridden thereafter. The doctor and nurses have prepared me that he may not pull through. I bought Lifestream Greenhouse Cordyceps from Unity soon after and prepared the first dose for him, hoping that it could make his condition better. It is really simple to prepare. I just added hot water the stroma and told him to drink and eat up the stroma. To everyone's amazement, he started sitting up by himself on the bed the following day. Grandpa actually asked me to prepare a 2nd dose for him. By the third day, he could get onto his wheelchair without assistance. This is indeed an amazement to everyone around and a miracle. My mum is so impressed that she wants to try the product for herself. I intend to give it to my son for his cough as well. I have just bought another 6 boxes for my whole family. Thanks for such a wonderful all-in-one product.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Pee Poh Hoon, Pasir Ris Dr 10

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