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She does not have any running nose and cough.

The cordyceps is great!!! You know, on Sunday after I bought from you, I fed my girls at night, the next day, Hayley went to childcare, and oh no, there were cases of Hand Foot Mouth Disease (\"HFMD\") again. I quickly refrained her from going to childcare as she had HFMD last year, and diligently fed her cordyceps almost every alternate day. She had bronchitis since she was about 5 months old and fell sick every month with running nose and phlegmy cough. She was in fact having a bit of running nose before consuming the cordyceps. I am very grateful that she does not have any running nose and cough so far after taking the cordyceps, unbelievable instant results! Thanks indeed and I am recommending more friends to use your products. By the way, I also noticed an increase on her weight, over the weekends, relatives are commenting that she is bubbly and chubby compared to last time, as she fell sick easily.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Agnes, Peter, Hazel (8 years old) and Hayley (2.5

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