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It helps to support my cholesterol level.

I had several bad experience with taking health supplements due to negative body reactions including feeling heaty or faintish. As such, I do not take any supplements except those prescribed by my doctor for my blood pressure. In late May, I went for a free medical checkup offered by National Kidney Foundation and found out that my total cholesterol level is moderately high at 266 mg/dl. I was told to consult my doctor for another test in 2 to 3 weeks time. A relative knew about my case and gave me several packs of Lifestream Cordyceps stroma and advised me to consume it on a daily basis. As it is easy to prepare, unlike traditional wild Cordyceps, and I experienced no negative body reactions after my first trial, I began taking it every morning thereafter. In my medical report dated 16 June 2003, my total cholesterol level has improved to 235 mg/dl. My other minor age related ailments have also receded. My friends commented that I now look radiant and rosy, and younger than my actual age. I feel more energetic now and enjoy going shopping with my friends. I will continue taking this wonderful herb.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Chua Lay Choo, 56

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