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“About two to three years ago, I started to experience lightning-like flashing images. It was so bad that my vision became blurred - images looked cropped off or a bit distorted for a while, especially when I switched from looking at things nearby to things further away. I was so worried I quickly went to see a doctor. After some tests, he did not detect anything wrong. He put it down to old age and prescribed some eye drops. However, the vision blurriness still persisted. My husband, who was taking AFC Japan supplements and liked them very much, asked me to try AFC Ultimate Vision. After taking them daily for 3-4 months, my blurred vision gradually improved. When I went to the doctor for a routine check-up, he was amazed at the improvements in my eye health, particularly my eye muscles. With stronger, more flexible eye muscles, I am able to adjust my viewing distances without straining my eyes. This means I can focus on my reading, or switch to using the computer without feeling the strain set in like before. Since then, I have been taking Ultimate Vision faithfully to maintain my eye health. From the good results I experienced, I have recommended it to all my colleagues!”
5 out of 5 Stars!
Mary Chan, 53 years, from Singapore

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