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With great appreciation

I want to thank you very much for your products and recommendations on the different supplements to take. My mum\'s second test results came back with much improved results! When my mum first went for a complete blood checkup in early Jan 2009, the doctor called me to accompany my mum to collect her results. He wanted to highlight certain issues to me so that she would get the proper medical attention. My mum\'s cholesterol levels were extremely high and so were her liver screening. The doctor (who is a private doctor) told us that it would be better for her to see a doctor from a Polyclinic and get medication from there as in cases like hers; it would require frequent tests and long-term medication to control the cholesterol levels and fatty liver. Immediately after seeing the doctor, I decided to buy supplements from Lifestream as I have heard so much about the company\'s products. In addition, I have read up on several of Lifestream products on the website and was especially impressed with the countless testimonials for the various products. I called the company and was very kindly serviced by its nutritionist. She advised me on which products would benefit my mum after listening to my description of my mum\'s test results. I ordered the following products for my mum: Lifestream Greenhouse Cordyceps Stroma and the Red Yeast Rice Complex. Then, we also had the King Chlorella. The nutritionist had written down clear instructions for my mum on the daily dosage for each supplement and my mum started taking them just one day after we got the first test results. We were also advised that it would take about 3 months before we could expect to see results from taking the supplements. About one month later, we went to the Polyclinic to see a doctor and take another blood test. We were told to come back in another 2 weeks time to get the results and the doctor would then see whether to prescribe any medication for her based on the second test results. The good news is, we just went back to see the doctor to get the second test results and everything went well. My mum\'s cholesterol level\'s went down and her liver test results showed that everything was normal. The great news is, my mum also experienced various other positive changes quite soon after she started taking the supplements. I think it would be best to list down her test results below: 2009-1-9 2009-2-17 Reference Cholesterol 7.6 mmol/L 6.15 mmol/L 3.60-5.17 LDL 5.2 mmol/L 3.82 mmol/L 2.05-3.10 The doctor saw no need to prescribe any cholesterol-lowering medication for her since he saw a drop in her cholesterol levels. We will only need to go back to the clinic in another 3 months for her to take another test and assessment. In summary, my mum does not need to take any medication and she has experienced the following benefits since taking Lifestream products: - Lower cholesterol levels - Normal liver levels - Elimination of constipation (her bowel movements were irregular, sometimes only twice a week). She has regular daily bowel movements and she says she feels extremely "cleansed" each time - Weight loss--even her friends have commented that she has lost weight even though she has not consciously been dieting - Increased sweating--she did not use to sweat easily, but now perspires after some exercise She is a great fan of Lifestream products and never misses a day of taking her supplements. Thank you for creating such fantastic products that have helped my mum enjoy a healthy life! With great appreciation, Olivia Lim
5 out of 5 Stars!
Olivia Lim

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