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It helps to improve the condition of eczema.

About 4 years ago, we discovered that our son, Royce had symptoms of crusted and rash-like skin on both his arms and realized later that he has eczema. He also have areas of discoloration around his neck and face. Royce suffers from itchiness all the time, especially when he is sleeping and sometimes when he scratches himself too much his skin will bleed. As his parents, we have abstain him from foods that aggravate his skin conditions, which means he is not allowed to eat mushroom, soy sauce, BBQ meat and related food, not even his favourite Campbell mushroom soup. We have tried to consult doctors and even Chinese physicians but had no luck controlling the symptoms. We can only apply lotion everyday after shower to keep his skin moist, besides which we do not know of any other ways to help ease Royce’s condition. When we were introduced to Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ in Summer 2006, we were skeptic at first, but tried anyway. Miraculously, Royce fully recovered after taking 1 capsule daily for 7 days straight. His skin turned smooth and even the discoloration disappeared. We were all extremely happy and let Royce started to binge on all the foods he was not allowed to have previously and even allowed him to stop his cordyceps consumption. Regrettably, his skin condition took a turn for the worse. So Royce had to resume his cordyceps consumption once again and we increased the dosage to 2 capsules daily. By day 7, about 80% of his skin has recovered. We cannot thank our relative enough for introducing us to this miracle herb and we will continue to make sure Royce takes Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ on a regular basis to strengthen his immune system and keep his skin problems at bay. Click below to see his amazing progress at high resolution photos at PDF format.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Royce (Age: 13)
Ontario, Canada

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