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Testimony from yet another satisfied user of Red Yeast Rice

Rachel, Not sure if you recall that we met a few times during the Singapore Food Fair. Tks for the recommendation to take Red Yeast Rice supplement together with CoQ10 to lower cholesterol level. As suggested by you, I went to check my cholesterol level before and after taking the recommended supplements. I have taken 2 boxes of Red Yeast Rice and 2 bottles of CoQ10 supplements. As spoken during the last food fair that I will keep you posted on the follow-up, the results are as follows:- Lipid Profile 13-Sep-08 14-Jun-08 Ref Range Unit Total Cholesterol 5.07 6.11   < 5.2 mmol/L HDL Cholesterol 1.5 1.42    > 1.03 mmol/L LDL Cholesterol 3.27 4.41    < 3.35 mmol/L Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 3.38 4.33   < 4.51 Triglycerides 0.66 0.65   < 2.26 mmol/L I thought I will share this piece of good news with you. Thank you. Ms Boh
5 out of 5 Stars!
Ms Boh

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