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My phlegm has significantly reduced.

I was introduced to Lifestream\'s Cordyceps stroma in March 2003 by a very good friend of mine. I had taken other health products in the past but found them heaty; as they either cause nose-bleeding or a sore-throat and some are not so effective. My chest used to be very congested due to my weak heart constitution. I also feel tired easily. Because of my heavy smoking habit as a young man, I had a lot of phlegm in my throat that I had to spit out many times a day. Now, I feel very energetic and my heart condition has improved. My phlegm has significantly reduced and I hardly have to clear my throat. My mild gastric problem has also gone away. My immune system has improved a lot and I have not fallen sick since taking cordyceps stroma in March 2003. I believe that this is the most effective health product that I have taken. As it is also more affordable and safer than wild cordyceps, I have taken the liberty to recommend it to all my friends
5 out of 5 Stars!
Koh Heng Seng, 76-year-old

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