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Propolis and King Chlorella keep my children and strong!

My children take AFC King Chlorella every day to supplement their diet and for good health. I also give them AFC Brazilian Green Propolis two to three times a week. We first heard about it from my sister, who strongly recommended it to us, saying how it is an all natural remedy with strong immune-boosting and antibacterial functions. Shane and Christabel like the propolis mixed in honey and water (Shane takes 0.25ml and Christabel takes 0.5ml each time) – the kids like it so much, they are now on their seventh bottle! But when they are down with a cough or cold, I give them the propolis mixture three times a day to fight the germs. Before you know it, they are up and about again!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Siew Lee, mid 30s. Mum to Christabel, 5, and Shane

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