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AFC Brazilian Green Propolis keeps cold sores away!

My dad has a tendency to have a Cold Sore outbreak on his upper lip whenever we go on a holiday. If he does not immediately apply the Cold Sore cream on his lips, by the next day, his upper lip will be swollen and blisters may form. At 71 years old, the doctors put it down to his age, the change in weather and in general, a lowered immunity level from travel stress. During a recent trip to China, I brought along a bottle of AFC Brazilian Green Propolis as a general stand-by herbal remedy, after reading about its natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and immune boosting benefits. One day during the tour, my dad started showing flu-like symptoms, and slight pain and swelling on his upper lip, which are the initial symptoms of a cold sore outbreak. Lucky for us, I had the bottle of Propolis with me. Remembering its immune boosting benefits, I advised him to apply a few drops of the Propolis mixture directly on the cold sore, and also advised him to start taking 1ml every morning and night. I was totally impressed by the Propolis, as not only did it work to prevent further progression of the Cold Sore into blisters, my dad also did not "catch the cold". Thanks to the Propolis, we were able to enjoy our holiday thoroughly. Since then, my dad has been taking AFC Brazilian Green Propolis daily to keep him in the pink of health!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Chen Yee Ju

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