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Given a New Lease of Life with BRM360

Mdm Sim is a full time homemaker and a mother of two. Miraculously, Mdm Sim has managed to win the battle against cancer, not once, but twice between 2006 and 2007. In March 2006, Mdm Sim suffered a great loss when her mother passed away due to heart congestion problem. Mdm Sim had high blood pressure all along and started to experience regular bouts of breathlessness during that time and she worry that she might have the same problem as her mother. In May 2006, when Mdm Sim was admitted to ER for a sudden bout of breathlessness, doctor discovered she had unusually low haemoglobin count and she was also having abnormally heavy menses. Mdm Sim was referred to KK Hospital for a thorough examination and her world was turned upside-down, when her medical report showed that she had 1st stage endometriosis cancer. Mdm Sim had a hysterectomy and her ovaries and one lymph node found near the womb surgically removed. In April 2007, Mdm Sim went to see the doctor for a persistent cough and doctor discovered a lump on the right hand side of her neck. The 3mm growth was surgically removed and a biopsy confirmed that the cancer has spread through the lymphatic system to 4th stage. Mdm Sim and family were given the devastating news that she had only 6 months to a maximum of 2 years life span remaining. She was prescribed 6 cycles of chemotherapy. However, after the first dose of chemotherapy Mdm Sim was overcome by the side effects. She could not open her eyes, felt weak and nauseous, lost her appetite and her hair started to fall off in patches. Immediately the next day, she sought a second opinion with a different doctor from Mount Elizabeth who conducted a blood test for her and advised her to stop her chemotherapy as no cancer biomarkers were found after the surgery. Subsequently, Mdm Sim asked to be transferred from KK Hospital to National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and has been going there on a regular basis for screenings and health check up. Since her first encounter with cancer, her daughter has been buying a myriad of health supplements for her. Mdm Sim has tried many products which include expensive Lingzhi cracked spores and exotic Cactus drink, but none of it was particularly useful. Until her cancer relapse in April 2007, she was introduced to Lifestream BRM360⁰™ by her daughter’s friend and she has been taking 6 capsules daily ever since. To strengthen her overall health, she is also taking 4 capsules of Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ daily. Mdm Sim said of all the products she has tried, Lifestream’s medicinal mushrooms has benefitted her the most, in fact when she showed BRM360⁰™ to her doctor in NCCS, she was encouraged by the doctor to continue taking it. With a second victory against cancer under her belt, Mdm Sim realizes the important of a proper diet complemented with the right supplements; she has continued to take Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ and BRM360⁰™ for maintenance till today.     Madam Sim shares her cancer story Windows Media Video in Chinese  
5 out of 5 Stars!
Kim Sim Soo Khin

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