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Lifestream cordyceps is really a timely God send product for me.

I contracted Tuberculosis in early 2005. After the completion of the whole treatment, I still cough out blood now and then, and I have a lot of mucus and phlegm. According to doctors from Malaysia and Singapore, my lung x-ray revealed a cloudy patch in one of my lungs. During that time, I consumed a lot of health supplements from a large MLM company, but I find myself spending way above my means as I was told to consume many different kinds of supplements, but they did not help like they claimed to do. I prayed very hard to God that there is something out there that can really help me. In September 2005, my sister from Singapore visited me and brought several boxes of Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma for me. I started consuming it diligently and my lung functions improved significantly. It cleared my mucus and phlegm and I no longer cough out blood. I went for a medical scan subsequently and my doctor told me that my lungs are totally clear. In December 2005, Lifestream upgraded its product to an improved pharmaceutical version (Cordyceps Stroma Gold), and I have been taking it since. I went for a second medical checkup recently, and the doctor commented that my overall medical report is even better than before. Lifestream Cordyceps did exactly what it claimed. Although there are many different types of cordyceps products in the market, I trust Lifestream cordyceps only. Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma is really value for money, considering that it is the best cordyceps but is sold for a small fraction of the price. Now, I am no longer need to consume most of my other supplements and I spend much less on my healthcare regime. Along with improved lung functions, my sleep quality, liver and kidney health has also improved. I no longer need to visit the toilet in the night. My immune function is also better, and my blood pressure is excellent. It has helped my health in so many ways. This is really a timely God send product for me and I thank God for it! I will definitely continue to consume it.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Alice (Age: 60s)

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