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Ultimate Vision helps me see better at night!

Growing older brought about many eye problems, such as presbyopia, cataract, glaucoma. My vision deteriorated year by year and I suffered from night blindness, so bad that I did not dare go out at night because I couldn’t see anything. I bought a bottle of Ultimate Vision from the Lifestream booth at a recent road show to try, and was impressed with the results. Now, both my husband and I are taking Ultimate Vision every day. I’m so happy that objects are clearer now and I can even see better at night – going out in the evenings is not a problem anymore. Eye health is very critical and it is important to take good care of your vision, because we only have one pair of eyes.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Mdm Mak Tan Fong, 72

Ultimate MSM helped a lot with the pain in my knees and legs.

I suffer from pain in both legs and can't carry heavy things. Going up and down the stairs was very painful too. I was very sad when I couldn't carry my grandson as he grew bigger. I tried various supplements and even acupuncture, but nothing worked. I gave Ultimate MSM a try after seeing it in NTUC Unity pharmacy - it helped a lot with the pain in my knees and legs. My legs are now much lighter and I can walk up and down the stairs easily. I'm now taking the Shark Cartilage and Joint Matrix and must say they are very good formulas too!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Mr Wee Khoon Chuan, 61

After 3 days of Blueberry-Lutein - my eyes felt better.

My job requires me to spend long hours in front of the computer, which puts my eyes under much strain. At the end of a work day, my eyes hurt and I find it very hard to focus - experiencing blurred or double vision. After 3 days of Blueberry-Lutein - my eyes felt better. My vision cleared up too!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Ms Lim Pei Ven, 30

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