Jolin Tay 14/02/2021

在過去的幾個月裡,由於壓力的關係,我經常會在半夜醒來。我的朋友建議我試用這個產品 - 熟睡寧。現在的我每天在睡前30分鐘服用一包熟睡寧約一個星期了,它確實有助於我更快入睡並整夜保持深度睡眠。

GOH timothy 21/01/2021

I have difficulty falling asleep recently because of stress at work. A friend of mine recommend Sleep DR to me and its natural ingredients give my peace of mind to try it out. To my surprise it works for me well. It takes only 30 minutes after consuming, I started to feel sleepy and drowsy and falling asleep. So happy with the effect and I have since started on my 4th box. will buy again and highly recommended to anyone who has similar issue like myself.

Raymond Tay 13/01/2021


Raymond Tay 13/01/2021


Raymond Tay 13/01/2021

Sleep DR has been my very effective remedy for my sleeping problem. I am able to fall asleep in shorter time and it allows me to have longer deep sleep. The white Grape flavor is very pleasant to taste and the powder is easily dissolved. Overall great product with reasonable price.