Yi Jun 19/01/2021

送貨速度很快! 我購買的4瓶都用氣泡紙包裝得很好。 我期待健康的飲食!

Kelly 13/01/2021

I have chosen to use LABO Camelina Oil for cooking over other brand's due to the fact that it contains omega 3-6-9 and it's suitable for all types of cooking. Ever since I started using Camelina Oil, my kids commented that the dishes I've cooked taste nicer than before!

Kelly 13/01/2021

我选择使用LABO亚麻荠籽油来代替其他品牌的油,因为它含有omega 3-6-9,并且适合所有类型的烹饪。自从我开始使用亚麻荠籽油以来,我的孩子都说我煮的菜比以前更好吃了!

Kelly 13/01/2021

我選擇使用LABO亞麻薺籽油來代替其他品牌的油,因為它含有omega 3-6-9,並且適合所有類型的烹飪。自從我開始使用亞麻薺籽油以來,我的孩子都說我煮的菜比以前更好吃了!

Clara Chang 04/01/2021

This is my 5th purchase and more to come. So glad that I have found this healthy oil! It has very light smell of fresh grass and high smoke point so I can use for frying. There is no greasy feel on my kitchen floor at all after cooking.