Tifany 17/06/2017

我已經由之前的研究極護眼素換換為現在的究極護護素素強化版,葉黃素的含量已經可以體驗到不同,最早的不同在於,我早上醒來時就讀閱讀我的短信, 以前這些短信還是很模糊的。還有一片一片的包裝旅行攜帶更方便了。

Tiffany 17/06/2017

I have upgraded from the previous Ultimate Vision to Ultimate Vision Pro and can see the difference in my vision from the higher percentage of lutein in Vision Pro. The biggest difference is being able to read my messages in the morning when I just woke up, when previously it was all still bleary. Travelling with the blister pack is much easier too.

Helen Lim 04/05/2017

我曾服用过我医生推荐的叶黄素保健品,但效果不是很好,直到我发现了究极护眼素强化版。 它对舒缓干眼症很好, 我的眼睛不会一直流眼泪了。

Helen Lim 04/05/2017

I used to take other brand of lutein supplement recommended by my doctor but the effect was so-so until I found Ultimate Vision PRO.
I don’t have teary eyes now, it work great for my dry eyes.

Helen Lim 04/05/2017

我曾服用過我醫生推薦的葉黃素保健品,但效果不是很好,直到我發現了究極護眼素強化版。它對舒緩乾眼症很好, 我的眼睛不會一直流眼淚了。