Cindy Yeo 30/06/2017

I am someone who take great care of my skin and health. I have been taking collagen drinks and royal jelly supplement for years. I like the combination of 500mg royal jelly with real Tsubaki flower extract. One bottle of Tsubaki has everything that I need for my skin.

May 22/06/2017

我喜欢正宗的日本保健品,因为它们的高质量和安全标准。 在网上做了一些研究后,发现AFC tsubaki饮品非常物超所值。 比其他牌子有较高的胶原蛋白含量和珍贵的成分,虽然差不多相同的价格。 我为自己购买了,也介绍我的家人和朋友。

May 22/06/2017

我喜歡正宗的日本保健品,因為它們的高質量和安全標準。在網上做了一些研究後,發現AFC tsubaki飲品非常物超所值。比其他牌子有較高的膠原蛋白含量和珍貴的成分,雖然差不多相同的價格。我為自己購買了,也介紹我的家人和朋友。

May 22/06/2017

I love authentic Japanese health care products because of their high quality and safety standard. After doing some research online, I realize AFC tsubaki drink is most value for money. It has higher collagen content and more expensive ingredients than other brands although it is selling at similar price. I bought them for myself, also for my family and friends Good product, will continue buying.

Alicia 22/05/2017

This is the best collagen drink I have tried. It really makes a difference.