Ilona Tan 11/03/2021

Tsubaki Ageless 帶有甜味和水果味,我非常喜歡它的味道!在過去的兩週內,我每晚都喝 1 瓶,我發現我的皮膚更透亮、柔軟及光滑。我強力推薦 Tsubaki Ageless給那些正在尋找膠原蛋白補充劑的人。

Christine Wong 14/01/2021

Tsubaki Ageless has really helped me to diminish lines and wrinkles on my face. The taste is great, and I like the fact that they've added royal jelly to the formulation. I will continue to take Tsubaki Ageless for long-term. It works great!

Christine Wong 14/01/2021


Christine Wong 14/01/2021

Tsubaki無齡美顏專飲確實減少了我臉上的皺紋。 它的味道很好,我喜歡他們在配方中加入了蜂王漿。我將繼續長期服用Tsubaki無齡美顏專飲。 效果很好!

Alicia Chia 31/05/2020

I always believe that beauty starts from the inside out. Having tried various collagen drinks available in the market, I find myself always going back to AFC Tsubaki Ageless Collagen beauty drink as it is the only product that makes a visible difference to my skin in terms of brightness, clarity, hydration and firmness. I noticed that it also helped with the size of my pores and my dark eye circles. I don't think I can ever go back to the days without Tsubaki.