Ms Yang 20/07/2017

I bought it from your roadshow. I have been using it for quite a while, I love shokaigan series. used to have brittle frizzy dry hair. Now my hair is getting smooth, shiny and durable. Even when I accidentally pull my hair, It does not break or fall like past.

Janice 02/02/2017

been using and changing shampoo bought from pharmacy stores for hairloss product, but after using this SHOKAIGAN Intensive Scalp Therapy Shampoo EX, my scalp looks better and not so obvious on hairloss on top of head.
will recommend to those who have thinning hair like me.

janice 02/02/2017


janice 02/02/2017


Jessica Phua 11/01/2017

在閱讀了關於使用含大量化學品的洗髮水會增加患癌風險的新聞後,我決定將我的洗髮水換成全天然的洗髮水。我在網上搜索,並發現AFC 爽快柑洗髮水不含矽膠和SLS。去年,我買了一瓶來試試。令人驚訝的是,我的頭髮在使用後變得更柔滑靚麗。我很喜歡AFC爽快柑洗髮水。 1瓶爽快柑洗髮水可使用4個月多之久。