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16 Dec Caffeine During Pregnancy
nutritionist 0 5713
An excess caffeine intake may lead to low birth weight and miscarriage. Caffeine may affect a baby’s growth as it can constrict blood vessels and limit the nutrient that are supplies to baby. Also, caffeine inhibits iron absorption. The low iron stor..
16 Dec Solution To Leukorrhea
hhmok 0 5880
Leukorrhea is a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge which is caused by inflammation and infection around the vaginal areas as well as the usage of vaginal deodorants. Power up your own immune defence system through the intake of probiotics ..
16 Dec Monthly Breast Self Exam Can Save Lives!
hhmok 0 4044
The earlier Breast Cancer is diagnosed, the better the prognosis. All females should start conducting breast self-exam from the age of 20. To do a breast self-exam, lie on your back and put your right hand behind your head. Use three fingers from lef..
16 Dec Should You Eat For Two During Pregnancy?
hhmok 0 8698
Mothers need to take in additional calories during pregnancy for natural weight gain. However, the extra calorie that are needed are not as high as most mothers think. Pregnant women only need to add about 100kcal for the first trimester, and add ano..
16 Dec Bigger May Not Be Better During Pregnancy
nutritionist 0 5626
Weight gain during pregnancy varies among women. If you are underweight (BMI ..
16 Dec Cervical Cancer Leads To 100 Death Cases Per Year In Singapore!
nutritionist 0 5192
There are 200 diagnosed cases of Cervical Cancer yearly. Being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), early sexual contact, multiple sexual partners, smoking, having a weakened immune system and taking oral contraceptives expose females to higher ..
16 Dec High Heels & Foot Pain!
hhmok 0 5411
Research shows that women who wear high heels have shorter muscle fibres and thicker and stiffer Achilles’ tendons. In the long run, this limits the motions of the ankle and heels-wearer will find it painful to walk in flat-soled shoes. The occasiona..
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