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18 Sep Sugar-laden drinks linked with moodiness and inability to concentrate
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According to a study from Columbia University, children who take 4 fizzy sugar-sweetened drinks a day are likely to have tendency to be violent, easily distracted, damaging things or attacking people. ..
14 Sep Beware! Study shows that sitting too long may increase your risk of getting diabetes!
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Investigators from the University of Leicester in England observed more than 500 men and women age 40 or older to find out the duration of time spent sitting over a week. Blood tests of the participants showed that women who spent the most time sitti..
04 Sep Say good night to insomnia!
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Most causes of insomnia are related to mental and psychological well-being, like anxiety, stress, and depression. There are some good sleeping habits to help relieve insomnia problems. :\tMaintaining a regular sleep pattern\tAvoid stimulating activit..
10 Aug Know your vitamins
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know your vitamins and health supplement well helps you get most of it. Try these combo trickswater-soluble vitaminsVitamin B, vitamin C and potassium are easily dissolved into the water, Do not soak foods rich in vitamin B, and vitamin C in the wate..
01 Aug Unwanted fruit parts that are more nutritious than you think
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Pineapple coreThe core of a pineapple is high in bromelain (‘nature’s aspirin’) which reduces pain and inflammation. It is also a good source of fiber. The core can be a bit hard and unappetizing so you can blend it into a fruit smoothie.Citrus peelD..
07 Jun Mind your posture and be kind to your spine
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i. Standing PostureIdeally, your chin should be tucked in, with your earlobes over your shoulders; shoulder blades back; and tummy tucked in. One quick way to check is to stand with your back against a wall, with your shoulders and bottom touching th..
28 Apr Should I avoid the sun completely?
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A little sunshine every day can boost your mood and shine up your life! Early sunlight (before 10 am) is good for your health too! Here are some signs that you need to welcome more sunshine into your life:\tYou feel down. Sun exposure can boost the l..
17 Mar Can you distinguish big barley and small barley?
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Barley drink is a popular beverage, particularly in South East Asian. Do you know there are two types of barleys and their differences?  薏苡仁 Adlay seed or Coix Seed (yi yi ren), is bigger in size and 洋薏米 Pearl Barley, is smaller in size. Coix Seed re..
03 Mar Three tips to keep your fruits and vegetable fresh
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1.       Keep root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and tomatoes out of the fridge to retain their aroma and taste.2.       Store mushroom in a brown paper bag in the fridge to prevent it from absorbing moisture and getting rotten. Wrapping celer..
01 Mar Coffee and soft drinks to boost your day?  think again
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Caffeine does not enhance your energy level in long term. The body cannot metabolize caffeine to power your cells. Stimulants like caffeine triggers hormones release in your brain, giving you the perception of excitements and you only temporary menta..
16 Feb Tips to prevent age-related muscle loss
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Most adults achieve their peak muscle mass sometime between their late 30s to early 40s. After that point, adults lose as much as 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass per decade. This age-related loss of muscle mass, strength and function is known as ..
10 Feb Make the right move
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More movement may lubricate your joints. Simple stretching exercises promote blood circulation and increase blood vessel elasticity. Couch potatoes and computer addicts who remain sedentary all day long should move around every few hours to prevent s..
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