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22 Feb 5 Ways to Help You Fight Inflammation
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Inflammation is a natural defense mechanism that your body uses to heal and protect itself against infection, disease or injury. Unfortunately, inflammation can become your enemy when it persists for weeks, months, or even years. In fact, many chroni..
15 Feb 6 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body
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After all the indulgence this festive season, it’s time to kick-start your detox in order to reset your body for the rest of the year. In fact, it’s important to do a detox cleanse twice a year as it can clear your body of harmful toxins and improve ..
01 Feb 5 Tips to Reduce Your Salt Intake
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Are you eating way too much salt? Based on the National Nutrition Survey 2018, 90% of adult Singaporeans exceeded the recommended daily limit (5g of salt or one teaspoon), consuming a whopping 9g of salt on average! Besides raising your blood pressur..
24 Aug Low-Fat Chocolate Milk: The Ideal Post-Exercise Recovery Drink
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Good news to all chocolate milk lovers out there! Studies from Indiana University and The University of Texas at Austin have concluded that low-fat chocolate milk is a great recovery drink for high-endurance athletes such as cyclists, swimmers and lo..
21 Aug Homemade Pizza with Camelina Oil
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Looking for a delicious & nutritious recipe? Here is one for you to try!Homemade Pizza With Camelina OilIngredientsFor the dough Flour 330gWater 180mlSalt 10gCamelina Oil 5mlYeast 5g For the saucePeeled Tomatoes 200gSugar 10gCamelina Oil 20mlBasil 3 ..
16 Aug Four myths of stroke
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1. Only seniors are at risk of stroke.Stroke attacks are commonly thought to strike the elderly, this is untrue given that more people are getting it at a younger age. The contributing factors are high blood pressure, heavy drinking, smoking, late ni..
13 Apr Good digestion better overall health
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According to nutrition researchers, foods that being digested incompletely produce harmful substances in the body. Undigested food residues produce toxins in the intestine, causing poor blood circulation, indigestion, and increased burden on internal..
10 Apr Fat: How Much Is Too Much?
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Why we require some fat in our diet? Fat plays a vital role in our body. It provides us with energy and insulation. Fat also keeps our skin healthy and serves as a transport system for fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K).Why moderate fat in..
20 Feb Maintaining a healthy state of mind
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General wellness is not only about not falling sick but also a right balance between emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. Mental health affects how we think, feel and act and also determines how we handle stress and make choices. Mental ..
31 Jan 4 Signs you need to do a clean-up
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During festival seasons, everyone tends to overeat and gain extra weight. Food such as fried foods, sausage, bacon, pork, cakes, icecream and so on in BBQ, buffet or steam boat can be fattening and heavy flavoured. If coupled with lack of rest, stayi..
30 Nov 4 Alkaline Foods for better health
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Too much acidity in your body can cause deterioration of your health, hence it is good to maintain a slightly alkaline body balance. Read more on these 4 types of plant-based foods that help balance your body’s PH:1)Lemon and limesStarting your day w..
12 Oct Are you eating the right oil?
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A healthy and good culinary oil should fulfil the qualities below:I. UnrefinedRefined oils are produced using high heat or chemical extraction. Unrefined oils employ cold press techniques with no heat or chemicals used in the oil extraction process, ..
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