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10 May 5 Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis
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Did you know that up to 10% of your bone mass can be lost within five years following menopause? Oestrogen, a female hormone that protects your bones, drops substantially during menopause, causing bone loss.  This elevates your chance of getting oste..
29 Aug Mid-life crisis: 5 symptoms affecting men after 40
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When men reach mid age, they have similar "menopause" symptoms just as women do. Find out more about the changes men go through after mid age. Here are five symtoms to take note:1. Mental stress and forgetfulnessMen after mid age appear to have slowe..
04 Apr Think twice before using hormone replacement therapy
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Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed commonly to menopausal women for the relief of their symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances and vaginal dryness. However, recent research found that, among the women treated with the h..
09 Mar 5 tips for a happy and healthy menopause
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Most women will experience some symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia and mood change round the menopause. Below are some diet and lifestyle tips to help you to stay healthy during menopause: • Reduce refined carbohydrates - white sugar, white bread..
11 Jan Calcium supplement is a must for postmenopausal women
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Menopause increases a women’s risk of getting osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become porous and may fracture easily. The drop in estrogen levels that occurs around the time of menopause results in increased bone loss. It is estimated that th..
01 Nov How to reduce hot flashes?
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Hot flashes are one of the most common complaints among menopausal women. They cause a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads through upper body and face, rapid heartbeat and sweating. To reduce hot flashes, it is important to avoid foods that are lik..
16 Dec Is There A Link Between Hormone Pills And Breast Cancer?
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Research findings from the California Teachers Study points at the reduced risk of Breast Cancer with the reduced use of Hormone Therapy (HT) at peri-menopausal stage. Prolonged use of HT may be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, o..
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