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14 Sep Beware! Study shows that sitting too long may increase your risk of getting diabetes!
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Investigators from the University of Leicester in England observed more than 500 men and women age 40 or older to find out the duration of time spent sitting over a week. Blood tests of the participants showed that women who spent the most time sitti..
05 Jan Say NO to big belly
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Excessive abdominal fat increases your risk of developing diabetes. Research suggests that abdominal fat cells are biologically active to secrete a group of hormone called Adipokines which may possibly impair glucose tolerance. Maintaining a healthy ..
01 Jun 4 Tips to control diabetes
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Making a few simple changes in your lifestyle helps you avoid serious health complications of diabetes, such as nerve, kidney and heart problems. Below are the helpful tips: • Be physical active: Research shows that aerobic exercises such as swimming..
11 May 5 reasons to eat more antioxidant
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Free radicals don’t sleep or take vacations. Hence, it is important to eat more antioxidant to help you fight free radicals and protect you from a number of diseases. Here are some reasons to maintain an antioxidant-rich diet: • Protect your heart: A..
16 Dec Bigger May Not Be Better During Pregnancy
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Weight gain during pregnancy varies among women. If you are underweight (BMI ..
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