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31 May 6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking
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Did you know that the use of tobacco is responsible for over 7 million deaths a year worldwide? Cigarette smoking is incredibly harmful to your health. It can damage almost all the organs in your body, cutting your life expectancy by approximately 10..
26 Sep Laugh Out Loud is good for your blood vessels
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Laughter benefits cardiovascular health. A study in Japan shows that blood vessels are expanding and become more elastic when people watch comedies, while blood vessels shrink when one watch serious documentaries...
21 Jun How to have stronger blood vessels to stay young ?
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Blood vessels, particularly the main artery from the heart becomes thicker, stiffer, and less flexible during the aging process. Your heart work extra hard in order to pump more blood to the whole body as a result. Some people often experience an inc..
20 Apr Grape seed
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Although not particularly tasty, whole grape seeds are completely edible, and scientific evidence suggests that they are good for you, too. Packed with essential fatty acids, amino acids and powerful antioxidant, OPCs, these little bitter seeds have ..
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