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26 Sep Laugh Out Loud is good for your blood vessels
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Laughter benefits cardiovascular health. A study in Japan shows that blood vessels are expanding and become more elastic when people watch comedies, while blood vessels shrink when one watch serious documentaries...
27 Jun Ginkgo- The brain super food
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Research shows that ginkgo can help to combat poor concentration, reverse cognitive decline and reduce fatigue. It is also useful to treat cerebral insufficiency — a condition characterized by chronically low concentration, confusion, decreased physi..
21 Jun How to have stronger blood vessels to stay young ?
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Blood vessels, particularly the main artery from the heart becomes thicker, stiffer, and less flexible during the aging process. Your heart work extra hard in order to pump more blood to the whole body as a result. Some people often experience an inc..
21 Jun 3 ways to slow down brain degeneration
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After 40 years of age, an adult brain volume decreases about 5% per decade. When one reaches 70 to 80 years old, brain cells decline drastically, and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases by 50%. Brain is a vital organs in charge of overall bo..
19 Apr Tips to prevent varicose veins
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Varicose veins are painful, swollen veins that usually affect the legs. While you may not be able stop them from occurring, you can take steps to prevent the condition from worsening. Here are some prevention tips:• Do not stand or sit for long perio..
09 Jul Brisk Walking Boosts Brain Health
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Do you know brisk walking stimulates blood circulation and provides sufficient oxygen supply to the brain which leads to improved brain functions and memory performance? Researchers found that brisk walking for 30 to 40 minutes a day, three times a w..
16 Dec Forgot Where You Left The Keys?
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If you are finding it harder to remember the little things, your brain may be deteriorating faster than you age. Ginkgo has a long history as the “memory herb”. Ginkgo leaf extract enhances blood flow to the brain, thus improving concentration and me..
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