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22 Jul What is Ashwagandha? Everything You Need to Know
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  Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, many people were experiencing emotional and physical exhaustion aroused by excessive and prolonged stress. This is why, stress relief has become a pretty hot trend over the last two years, and Ashwagandha..
13 Jan 5 Myths About Hair Loss You Should Stop Believing!
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  Hair loss is a very common problem that affects both men and women and can adversely lower one’s self-esteem. Many myths about the causes of hair loss mostly stem from the fear of hair loss. Here are a few myths that you can stop worrying about...
28 Jul 5 Diseases Resulting from Excessive Stress
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Stress may come from many ways and forms. It can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). It can be triggered by common everyday events such as exams or a big presentation at work, or a traumatic life event such as a death in the family. Sometim..
10 Jun 5 Ways to Lower Blood Glucose Level Naturally
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  Diabetes is a prevalent and common disease. When coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets, it is not surprising to see that it is affecting the young, who might not even be aware of the symptoms. Diabetes is a chronic condition ass..
14 Jan 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity
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 Improving your immunity is often easier said than done. This can be done through lifestyle and dietary changes. If you wish to strengthen your body’s defence to help fend off pathogens (disease-causing organism), here are 6 ways to boost your immuni..
09 Dec 5 Foods that Help with Anxiety and Stress
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 Are you struggling to keep your anxiety under control? There may be therapy sessions and medications that can help, but some may also prefer natural solutions for long term well-being. Modern society often emphasises on efficiency and competitivenes..
02 Sep 8 Simple Ways to Manage Stress
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A recent survey conducted by health service company Cigna revealed that almost 92% of Singaporeans surveyed were stressed from their jobs. This makes Singaporeans among the most stressed workers worldwide.   Are you experiencing chronic stress to..
25 Jan 5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity
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Are you fully geared up for the flu season? Here’s 5 ways to give your immune system a boost to protect yourself from the flu. 1. You are what you eat. \tEat foods rich in vitamin C, including oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, bell peppers, b..
10 May Taking a walk in the park helps improve memory
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Researchers at the University of Michigan, United States, recently discovered that taking a breath of fresh air and a stroll in the park helps with memory. Results show that one’s short-term memory increased by 20%. Researchers believe that the hustl..
20 Feb Maintaining a healthy state of mind
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General wellness is not only about not falling sick but also a right balance between emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. Mental health affects how we think, feel and act and also determines how we handle stress and make choices. Mental ..
22 Nov Massage these 3 spots make you feel refreshed
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After hours of tiring mental work, give yourself a simple 5 mins DIY relaxing massage . How to do it? refer to the picture below, press the 3 points earlobe, thumb and "Bai Hui" point located on the top of your head...
04 Sep Say good night to insomnia!
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Most causes of insomnia are related to mental and psychological well-being, like anxiety, stress, and depression. There are some good sleeping habits to help relieve insomnia problems. :\tMaintaining a regular sleep pattern\tAvoid stimulating activit..
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