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20 Apr 6 Health Benefits of Brazilian Green Propolis
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Did you know that a beehive is one of the most sterile natural environments? Here’s why: honey bees collect resin from selected trees and plants, and mix it with their own discharges and beeswax. This creates a glue-like substance, also known as prop..
31 May 6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking
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Did you know that the use of tobacco is responsible for over 7 million deaths a year worldwide? Cigarette smoking is incredibly harmful to your health. It can damage almost all the organs in your body, cutting your life expectancy by approximately 10..
15 Mar Quality Sleep For Good Health
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Aim to get a good night’s rest of 6-8 hours of sleep for good health. A lack of sleep can cause muscle aches, dizziness, weight gain, attention deficit and lack of concentration. It can even increase the risk of developing cancer! The Nurses’ Health ..
28 Dec Eat More Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk!
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Now there’s even more reasons why you should incorporate the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables into your meal plan! \tResearchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analysed the data of 88,301 women from the Nurses’ Health Study ..
26 Oct Trans-Fats May Cause Memory Loss
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Not only do trans-fats increase your risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes, they have been shown to worsen memory! What exactly is trans-fat?  Trans-fats are produced via an industrial process where hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to solidif..
23 Oct High-Fiber Diet can Decrease Your Risk for Breast Cancer
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Now there’s even more reasons for you to eat more dietary fiber!  \tResearchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analysed the data of 90,534 women who were involved in the Nurses’ Health Study II. \tThey found that greater consumption..
19 Sep Eating Processed Meat can Increase Your Risk for Colorectal Cancer
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Did you know that processed meat is carcinogenic to humans? Each 50 g of processed meat consumed daily (equivalent to 2 bacon rashers or 1 hotdog) was found to raise colorectal cancer risk by 18%! Colorectal cancer, the cancer of the colon or rectum,..
06 Sep Early dinner may reduce risk of breast and prostate cancer
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Did you know that when you eat matters as much as what you eat? Breast and prostate cancers are two of the most prevalent types of cancers worldwide and are most strongly linked to night-shift work.   \tThe Barcelona Institute for Global Health condu..
26 Jul Top 5 Health Benefits of Cordyceps
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Top 5 Health Benefits of Cordyceps • Respiratory Health: Cordyceps is able to increase the amount of oxygen taken in by the lungs, and while this is helpful for athletes. It is also beneficial for those suffering from respiratory conditions, such as ..
27 Jun Say NO to artificial sweetener
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Many of us opt for artificially sweetened beverages over sugar-sweetened drinks, as we believe that they are heathier. A new study, however, suggests that this may not be the case. Researchers found that adults who consumed at least one artificially ..
14 Mar Tips to take care of your breasts
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Ladies with large busts may have a higher risk to develop breast cancer according to scientists. Nevertheless, here are some tips for all the women to take charge of your health. Know your family medical history. One may be at high risk of breast can..
21 Feb The riper the banana, the better it’s ability to fight cancer!
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Japanese researchers have proven that the riper and the more dark spots on the banana, the better  it’s ability to fight cancer. The dark spots on ripe yellow bananas produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) that is able to destroy canc..
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