Now there’s even more reasons for you to eat more dietary fiber! 


  • Researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analysed the data of 90,534 women who were involved in the Nurses’ Health Study II.


  • They found that greater consumption of fiber can lower the risk of breast cancer and that this intake is especially crucial during adolescence and early adulthood, where the breast tissue is particularly affected by anticarcinogens and carcinogens.


  • Subjects reduced their breast cancer risk by 14% (during adolescence) and by 13% (during early adulthood) for every additional 10g of fiber per day, which is equivalent to approximately one apple and two slices of whole wheat bread!


How Dietary Fiber Lowers Breast Cancer Risk?


Researchers hypothesised that fiber may decrease the risk of breast cancer by reducing estrogen levels in the blood, enhancing insulin sensitivity and lowering insulin-like growth factors. 


So What Should You Do?


Eat more high-fiber foods such as fruits (e.g. raspberry, pear and apple), vegetables (e.g. artichoke, broccoli and green peas) and whole grains (e.g. brown rice and oats).