For those who are unaware, a blood clot is a collection of blood in the body that has changed its state from a liquid form to a semi-solid form. The body naturally does this to stop bleeding when injured. But sometimes, a blood clot forms inside a blood vessel and doesn’t dissolve on its own.


The formation process begins when the blood platelets become sticky in response to an injury and begin attaching to one another and to a blood vessel wall. Then, web-like strands known as fibrin in the blood attach to the platelets and form a “net” that traps red blood cells. This reaction usually stops when the injury is repaired, and the body will break down the clot. However, the action may continue form a blood clot which prevents blood from flowing through that vessel. Without proper blood flow, important parts of your body like the heart, brain and legs may not get the oxygen they need. When the blockage occurs in the blood vessel near the heart, a heart attack may occur. And when the blockage occurs in the brain, it may result in a stroke. Below are the 6 warning signs that you have a blood clot in your body!


1. Swelling and pain in the legs

If there is sudden swelling in one leg that is painful, or when there is a heaviness when walking or standing, it may be caused by lower extremity venous thrombosis. At this time, it is necessary to avoid walking around randomly to prevent the thrombus from falling off and risk blocking the cardiovascular or cerebrovascular vessels. It is necessary to raise the affected limb and go to the hospital as soon as possible to get it treated.



2. Slurred speech, drooling

With high blood pressure, high blood lipids and diabetes, it is important to look out for signs of slurred speech, drooling, or even dropping of chopsticks while eating. It may be a phenomenon of cerebrovascular embolism.



3. Chest pain or tightness

About 30-40% of patients with clinical acute myocardial infarction will have symptoms such as palpitation, chest pain, and weakness within 3-7 days before the onset. However, only less than 30% of the patients seek medical attention consciously, so please take caution that if there is such a phenomenon, especially in middle-aged and elderly people, if they have chest tightness and chest pain, they should seek medical treatment immediately.



4. Shortness of breath, dizziness or an unexplained cough

These are also symptoms of a pulmonary embolism blocking oxygen flow. Sudden dyspnea after resting on the bed or prolonged sitting may be relieved by deep breathing, and significantly worsened by daily or light activity, beware of signs of pulmonary embolism.



5. Weak hands and feet

This may be recognized by a sudden feeling of weakness in hands and feet, inability to lift one leg, unstable gait when walking, falling down when walking, paralysis of unilateral upper or lower limbs, and even numbness of tongue and lips.



6. Sudden dizziness, blurred vision

When there is a cerebral infarction, the blood supply to the brain will be insufficient, causing retinal ischemia, resulting in sudden dizziness, blurred vision, and even blindness for a few seconds! However, this phenomenon may return to normal within tens of seconds, and it is easy to be mistaken for anemia by the public, hence please pay more attention if you experience such symptoms often.



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