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13 Jun Use
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Eat like a King and sleep like a Cinderella.Some nutrition experts suggest that one should eat more food in the day time and reduce food intake in the late evening. You can eat like a King in the day time and restrict your diet late at night. Eat mor..
10 Apr Fat: How Much Is Too Much?
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Why we require some fat in our diet? Fat plays a vital role in our body. It provides us with energy and insulation. Fat also keeps our skin healthy and serves as a transport system for fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K).Why moderate fat in..
18 Jan 4 Ways to Beat the Bloat
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You can get that “food baby” effect of feeling bloated at times — usually marked by a distended stomach and an overall feeling of uncomfortable fullness. Bloating is a common side-effect from a number of potential sources.Here are four to consider wh..
15 Dec Fat for better health
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Did you know that eating the right amount of dietary fatty acids makes you healthier, not fatter? Both Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids present in food are beneficial to our health. However when Omega-6 is too high, it can contribute to excess inflammation ..
08 Dec 5 foods/drinks that will help you eliminate edema!
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Does your face or body look swollen when you wake up in the morning? Here are 5 foods / drinks that will help you eliminate edema!1) WatermelonWatermelon has high water content, it has diuretic effect and can help reduce the swelling.2) Green TeaAfte..
05 Dec Weight-Bearing Exercises burn more calories
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Weight-bearing exercise such as weight lifting and push-up exercises train your muscle and is good to boost metabolism. Building more muscle can increase your body's basal metabolic rate (BMR) by up to 40%. One pound of muscle you have built helps bu..
22 Nov Red Bean and Barley Sweet Soup
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AFC Rare Sugar is a 100% natural sugar formula that contains rare sugars, glucose, fructose and oligosaccharides. Try out the goodness of rare sugar with our recipe to make a complete, natural solution for a healthy lifestyle without curbing your swe..
10 Nov What makes you fat?
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Do you know that you only have a healthy fat profile if you have both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat percentage shown within a healthy range. People often see subcutaneous fat, but ignore the visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat (known as bodily fat or ..
01 Aug When is the best time to weigh yourself?
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Weighing yourself at the same time every day, ideally in the morning before eating breakfast and after going to the bathroom. This is the most accurate way to find your true weight,  because you don’t have extra weight from food and fluid in your bod..
25 Jul What are the food you should Eat MORE to LOSE your waistline?
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Rely on dieting (starving yourself without eating anything) to lose weight will be hazardous to health. Your bodily basal metabolic levels drop 40% when you don’t eat for 12 hours. Here are some tips to consider when you set your weight loss goal.1. ..
18 Jul Run slowly helps you lose more weight
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For weight loss beginners, please follow a healthy diet plan, combined with low-intensity long time jogging. Slow jogging for 40 minutes is more effective than fast running for 20 minutes in terms of burning fat. This is because fat is used more afte..
24 May Tummy fat stress your brain, too
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US studies have found that the liver will use a specific protein to metabolize the fat in the abdomen. When this protein in the liver is depleted, it will extract the protein in brain to carry out fat metabolism, leading brain degradation and reduce ..
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