Rely on dieting (starving yourself without eating anything) to lose weight will be hazardous to health. Your bodily basal metabolic levels drop 40% when you don’t eat for 12 hours. Here are some tips to consider when you set your weight loss goal.

1. Eat food contains more fiber and less calories such as APPLE, CELERY, CORN and KELP in fact helps your weight management regime.

2. Choose WHOLE GRAIN, OATS, boil/bake POTATO and CARROT over white RICE and white FLOUR.

3. Consume more good protein such as egg and lean meat over deep fried food.

4. Enjoy more real spices and herbs such as lemon, chili and ginger over gravy or sauces such as salad dressing and mayonnaise .

Lastly you should follow a healthy diet plan for at least 1-3 months or longer to see result.

Never go on empty stomach for one day and over-eat for another day. It will jeopardize your metabolic rate and make losing weight even more difficult in the future. It is neither good for your digestion. Go on empty stomach may trigger gastric ulcer or hunger pangs.