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Nattokinase is an enzyme that is derived from the Japanese food known as natto. Natto is made by fermenting soybeans using a specific strain of bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. During the fermentation process, this bacteria produces nattokinase.

In 1980, a scientist named Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi discovered the enzyme in natto, which has fibrinolytic activity (capability of dissolving blood clots associated with heart attacks and strokes), and he named it “nattokinase”, which means “enzyme in natto”. Since then, nattokinase, as a supplement, has been used to support cardiovascular health around the world.

Now that you know what nattokinase  is, let's take a look at some of the potential health benefits of this supplement.


1. Support for Cardiovascular Health

Nattokinase  has been studied for its potential to support heart health. It can improve circulation by supporting clean blood vessels, facilitating smoother blood flow, and reducing the strain on the cardiovascular system. These effects may contribute to having a healthy cardiovascular system.


Cardiovascular Health


2. Support Clean Blood Vessels

Nattokinase  has fibrinolytic properties, which means it breaks down fibrin, a protein involved in blood clot formation. By facilitating the breakdown of fibrin, nattokinase may potentially mitigate the occurrence of excessive blood clots, which could be beneficial in managing cardiovascular-related conditions.


Support Clean Blood Vessels


3. Support Blood Pressure Health

Research suggests that nattokinase  may have a mild blood pressure-lowering effect. By promoting improved blood flow and reducing the formation of blood clots, it may help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.


Support Blood Pressure Health


4. Improve Blood Circulation

Nattokinase  aids in enhancing blood circulation by reducing the formation of blood clots. It improves the flexibility of blood vessels, allowing for smoother and more efficient blood flow throughout the body.


Improve Blood Circulation


5. Support Healthy Inflammatory Response

Some studies suggest that nattokinase may help support a healthy inflammatory response, which in turn may assist in managing chronic inflammation associated with certain health conditions.


Support Healthy Inflammatory Response


6. Promotion of Arterial Flexibility

Nattokinase  may help maintain the flexibility and health of arteries. By reducing fibrin accumulation, it supports arterial health and may prevent arterial stiffness.


Promotion of Arterial Flexibility


If you're dealing with or at risk of blood clots, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, hardened arteries, or excessive fibrin accumulation, adding nattokinase to your daily supplement routine can be a safe and effective way to support proper blood circulation and breakdown of fibrin. Hence, you may like to consider:

LABO Nutrition VesseCLEAR EX

VesseCLEAR EX is developed by Japan Bio Science Laboratory, the leader and pioneer in Nattokinase. It is formulated with the No.1 most researched Nattokinase  NSK-SD® and Elastin F. Nattokinase  NSK-SD is extracted from non-GMO soybeans which were fermented with Bacillus subtilis natto via a patented proprietary process, which results in high purity and maximal bioavailability. Nattokinase  NSK-SD® is research-proven to reduce elevated pressure in hypertensive subjects and act as a powerful enzyme that naturally breaks up fibrin clotting agents, helping to dissolve blood clots and improving blood flow, thus supporting healthy blood pressure. On top of that, Elastin F, extracted from bonito fish, helps support elastic and flexible arteries. By aiding to slow down arterial stiffening, it also helps for maintaining a relatively constant pressure.


LABO Nutrition VesseCLEAR CX

VesseCLEAR CX is a multi-benefit vegan formula developed with a functional dosage of the world-best nattokinase  NSK-SD® and gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX®, it is designed to help adults aged 40+ and those with compromised cardiovascular system. Nattokinase  NSK-SD® can help to dissolve the web-like fibrin to disintegrate clots formed in the blood vessels, improves blood circulation and support healthy blood pressure. In addition, gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX® in VesseCLEAR CX helps regulate high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels so as to reduce the risk of plaque formation. It helps lighten skin tone and alleviates various challenges that come with ageing. These two proprietary ingredients work synergistically to support healthy blood flow, blood pressure, and overall wellness.